Story of Sathya

Sharing is Caring

Its early morning here and having typed few words earlier, I have decided to complete this post. Blogger Simran Kaur of ‘My Friendship’ blog buzzed me on Facebook Chat expressing her inability to decrypt the  post. To recap, I had just written two lines in this blog post. 
Story of Sathya
Business as Usual!
How important is Sharing? Sharing is an act that aims at keeping everyone in a single frame. Its like you walk along with me and we both will reach the destination soon. We will share our struggles and happiness together! Indeed sharing is caring. Share all that you could – be it happiness, food, knowledge etc. Don’t keep it with yourself. Help the poor and the needy. You stepped into the world with empty hands and you would depart with empty hands too! So  how about sharing? A good thought for the day! 
Story of Sathya
PS  – Typing a long post at times could be terrible especially when you have difficult timeline these days along with the A to Z Challenge. So I decided to keep it simple and short! Nevermind! Sigh!
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