Story of Sathya

Dry baby, happy baby!

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Story of Sathya
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When a baby is born, its happy time at everyone’s home! They are cute and naughty! Through their innocence and cuteness, they drag a smile from everyone’s face. Such is the power and magic of a little baby. Of course, as a parent you should know how to make your baby happy. Through their silly gestures and actions, they ensure that the environment around you is happy and full of joy! They unknowingly through their behaviors they cheer you up during your sad times. So you should know what makes a baby smile.  And you should also know when a baby doesn’t cries.

A baby never cries when it is dry. When a baby is wet, the itchiness and the rash often irritate them and that constantly hurts them. So it’s obvious that babies ought to cry at that moment. On the other hand, dryness will not irk them. Since their skin is dry, they won’t be crying whole day. If they are not dry then even their sleep time would be impacted. They would remain awake whole time and keep crying. So as a parent would you like to like to see your baby smile or cry!

There are many things that make a baby happy. Switch on a good music channel or play some nice songs, they would definitely get up and start dancing. Out of all the kids I have observed in my family, I have noticed that the babies in my family have had special liking’s for music especially the peppy numbers. So whenever the song plays, they usually jump around and dance.  They love pets. Most of them love irritating cats. My young nephew used to have a dog. That would be his best friend, of course he would harass the cat equally and once the cat scared him to such an extent that my baby nephew never looked at it for days. Only after the poor cat apologized through its innocent gestures that the duo patched up. Such was their friendship.  Another fun thing that the babies in my family would do is to scribble on papers. Quite a create clan, no! They would borrow the color pencils and water colors from me or my sister and start scribbling random art on the papers. The one thing that keeps a baby happy is their diaper. A dry diaper would always ensure that your baby remains happy. In a way they are their best friends. A good diaper is something that locks the wetness and keeps the baby dry. Pampers Baby dry pants promises dryness for the babies from inside through its magic gel that locks in moisture so that the baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. So, by your baby would be happy and so will be you! A dry baby will be more active and full of zest when he is given the freedom to be! Don’t lock your baby with wetness and snatch all their happiness and smiles. Always remember that a dry baby is a happy baby!

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