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Life Changing Decisions!

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Today I have a desire to share my story with you all! I have always been saying that we Indians are averse to taking risks. We stay away when it comes to taking bold decisions. We always want to be on the safe boat. I too have this same mindset but somehow in 2009, I decided to go extra miles and change this stereotype! As you all know us Indians are very much attached to our family. We love our parents and our siblings! Who doesn’t? Everyone does! But this unconditional love is far too extreme in my case. I haven’t been out of my city since my college days and stayed away from my kith and kin. But that was a different year. I was working as a Trainee Engineer with Techmahindra where I was selected during campus recruitment! We used to have a test, an important test that every Techmighty has to give whenever he joins as a fresher. The result of the test would imply our future in the organization. So that used to scare all of us! But there was an exception too! If we get a project call in between, we would be lucky and would get an exemption from the annoying tests. During that period I had given my Java exam and I should admit that it was a bad one! I was clearly failing that test. Luckily, I had got a project call soon, too sooner than I expected. But that had a dilemma associated with it! It shocked me to the core! I had got a project in Noida. I was shattered as I was already in a fix because of my Java test. The constant swing between my mind and my heart even intensified the decision making process. When I told everything to my family, they were saddened by the fact that I had to go to Noida or leave the organization. The HR’s word still flashes on my mind. As a mere 21 year old, I had no options left. I decided to take a decision that might change my life forever. I stood firm by my decision. I listened to my mind for a change. My parents, for a change had to live without me.  The day arrived and I relocated to Noida. It was April 18th, 2009 – the most important day of my life. I used to remain unhappy and upset whenever I was with the team in Noida. They all were locals, some from Haryana, Ghaziabad and Punjab and me from Mumbai. The local would enjoy with their family during the weekends and the ones from Punjab and Haryana would travel to their homes during weekend.

My Boss would often take me for a stroll some times and explain me the philosophy of life with his catchy one-liners and sometimes with his self made parables. But all his attempts to cheer me up eventually failed! Days passed and I started to live without my loved ones. I left my family and friends in Mumbai and my heart resided there!  Initially it was getting difficult to adjust but slowly and steadily I got accustomed to the new city. It greeted me and people there started loving me. I got great opportunities and people there loved me more as days passed. They used to inquire me about Mumbai as this city fascinated them. I decided to give life to my dreams as I worked hard there! I used to go home after every 3 months and my boss would happily send me for a 2 weeks’ vacation. That was the best part of it. Sometimes I would dial my training friends at Pune Office through the extension and inquire about them. They would crib that they had got support project with no hopes. It was then it dawned to me that even if I passed my Java test, I would have got something similar as their fate! Days later I realized that I had even passed in my Java test. It was a bold decision that I made where I gave a deaf ear to my heart that was constantly preventing me from going away from my family. For the first time, decision made by my mind overshadowed that made by my heart. And I was happy for that!  I was getting better opportunities during my stint with the Noida project.

Many times, we sometimes think too much about some important decisions in our life. And many times, people fail to realize the positive side of it as during that time people only listen to their heart because of the high EQ (Emotional Quotient) feature.  To get something you have to lose something. I stayed away from my family for 4 years and today I am happy that I achieved many things while I was away from my home.  It was a bold decision that I had taken! Bold decisions also remind me back of a family decision to buy a home in Navi Mumbai. During the late 90’s, Navi Mumbai was not developed. We purchased a house in Nerul. At that time, there was no proper road and rail facility to reach that place. But we decided to buy a house there and yes we did! Some say it’s always invest your money on property as its cost only goes higher. Today, Nerul is the heart of Navi Mumbai and we are glad that we made an important decision to buy that house during that time!  My life in Noida only reminds me about the bold decision that I made and it often reminds me that I was lucky to go there! It transformed me into a better individual! And I am happy that I travelled to Noida! It changed me and brought new hopes within me!

Start a new life by taking a new decision, decision that will change your life drastically. Chase your dreams and Enjoy your life! Embark on a new journey of success and full of happiness! Don’t fear taking bold decisions! #StartANewLife

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