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Wikipedia defines Mutual funds as a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from various investors to purchase securities. We Indians are generally risk-averse by nature and because of this tendency we often tend to analyze various aspects before investing time and money in something. Well, that’s in our blood! I’ve been like this too and I fondly remember one of my discussions with my brother-in-law who advised me to invest in mutual funds. At that time, everything was new for me because I was career focused and I hardly saved any money but as time progressed I decided to be responsible. At that moment my Jiju almost convinced me in investing in mutual funds but the ignorant me failed to understand his point. But I soon rectified my mistake after I got to meet many people. Generally, you got a whirlpool of ideas whenever you communicate with a multitude of people and through that my eyes got exposed to the financial aspect of life. It is because of these misconceptions about investing in mutual funds that investors are taken aback and they step backwards because they are not convinced. Investors sometimes find it complex and such complexity has been ruled out in recent times because of the platforms provided by companies that aim to make life easier for these investors. Because it is all about making the investor’s life easier and better. Orowealth is India’s Numero Uno direct mutual fund investment platform specifically designed to address the misconceptions created in the investor’s mind.
Orowealth provides personalized advisory for its investors through its platform that offers direct mutual fund plan. Through this platform, the investors can make more out of their investments.  A dedicated advisor working in sync with the investor and the company will facilitate the investment process by providing timely solutions and suggestions.  They can take care of the investor’s special financial needs and also help in selecting customized investment plans.
Orowealth also allows you to switch your existing mutual fund investment into a direct plan. They help you satiate your financial appetite by creating custom-made portfolios.  They help you meet your financial goals. So, as an investor, you need to be least worried about your finance. The platform provides you all this as a paperless experience that is also hassle-free and helps you to invest in Direct Plans through Orowealth’s web portal and its mobile application.
Being an NRI, I’ve always thought about investing in the different mutual funds and upon my analysis, I understand that Orowealth has a lot to offer to us. 
There are multiple advantages for the NRI’s. I am listing a few of them below:
1.    End to End Paperless platform – Orowealth’s hassle-free solution to your investment worries can help you breathe safely. Their end to end paperless platform i.e their web portal and mobile applications are very useful
2.    Analytics and Live Tracking – Analysis and Live Tracking is a great future and in a sector as deep as Finance, live tracking and analysis is a must especially when the stocks keep ticking
3.    Goal-Based Investments – With Orowealth’s offerings, they help their investors in understanding their goals and requirements. Goal-based investments will help you reap the maximum out of your investments. 
4.    Financial Planning – Orowealth’s advisory personnel will not only help you in establishing your financial goals but also help in your finances. They can help you in the different mutual fund’s investment plans. Their portfolio tracking is the best in the market and is tagged useful by many industry leaders. With this, you can track all your mutual fund investment plans in a single screen. Isn’t this amazing?
5.    Smooth Operational Flows – Their application is simple for anyone to understand.  Smooth Operational flow is the main aim of the company. It is best to make life easier. 
6.    Ease of use and round the clock services – Orowealth officials are always available round the clock. Customer satisfaction is a major goal for almost all companies and Orowealth has taken this seriously. And this is the major reason why they have focused more on the usability and availability of services. The customer is a king is a very famous saying in modern times but Orowealth folks have lived up to this expectation when they planned this company.
Orowealth provides a niche offering of various Automated and human advisory services to help their customers with various investment needs.  Wealthcare has been their main aspect and their main vision is to be seen as the Wealth Manager of the masses. It has a good customer base and presence across India and other countries.
Orowealth comes up with some great plans and it includes the Gold plan and the Platinum plans. If you avail the Gold plan, then a financial advisor is assigned to you to meet your investment goals. A free call can be arranged with them to discuss your needs.
In the Platinum plan, unlimited calls with the personal financial advisors can be arranged.  Aforementioned, Orowealth’s primary aim is the wealthcare of their customers.  A good wealthcare means a happy customer and fret not, Orowealth is a pioneer in the investment market platform and known to help investors.
So worry not, and invest in the mutual funds. Avail the services of Orowealth and make the most out of your investment dreams! Always remember that Good Healthcare and Good Wealthcare are the most essential elements in a human life. Healthcare is in your hand and leave Wealthcare in Orowealth’s hand because they are the best in the industry who know your investment needs. 


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