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Of Optimism and Hopes!

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Everyone has faltered at least once in their life time. But whenever we fall, we wake up and walk ahead in life. Somehow somewhere there is an invisible energy that keeps us going. Today I am going to narrate you a story that was told to me by my grandmother.  It is a story about hopes and optimism. Being positive can do wonders at times. No matter however deep you are submerged in melancholy, a ray of optimism can destroy all those melancholy and freed you from all your sorrows. Grand mom used to narrate us bed times stories during our young days and perhaps one such day she casually spoke about a story of few boys! That moment I realized that this story was something that had deep meaning only if we try to explore it and plunge deep into it. It taught me the lessons of optimism and hope.  

This is the story of Tom, a little boy who was fearless. He had a friend Jerry who was his best friend. During a trip to a jungle, they and their class mates had to suffer various kinds of struggles.  And as they walked on the narrow eerie road, there was nothing in sight for miles. Poor kids had to suffer and all of them were famished. They all screeched in pain as they walked and no one in their group had any food that would fill their hunger.  They all looked up and prayed to the Almighty and told their problems.  A light was seen from the sky. They all looked up.  They looked up towards the first news of hope. There was a hope of getting back to their abode. There was a hope of getting something to eat, a transient hope! But a hope is a hope. The Almighty replied them and said that I will trouble you as you walk on the narrow road filled with stones.  And the figure disappeared. It was back to normal! The kids were perplexed.

Tom and Jerry were walking without knowing what to do. The kids were aimlessly walking towards an unknown destination. A voice was heard from the sky. It asked the kids to pick up two stones from the ground.  Every one picked up stones of different sizes and shapes. But Tom picked up a small pebble. Even his best friend Jerry picked a big stone. Within minutes, the stone turned into food. The ones who carried big stones got more food while the one who carried small stones got less! Everyone ate their food but poor Tom had nothing to eat as he had picked up a small pebble.  As they walked few miles, almighty told them to pick up stones on both their hands. This time Tom decided to play safe and picked up the biggest possible stone that he had seen. Everyone picked normal sized stone. Sooner, the stones turned into a ball with which the kids could play! Tom had huge playing ball now and he disliked it. He couldn’t even play with such a giant football. He was upset and unhappy! As they walked further, the little kids had to walk over a road that wasn’t smooth, a rocky road to be precise. It was too hot! Again, everyone looked up and almighty asked the kids to pick up stones on both their hands. This time Tom decided to act wise and he picked one small stone and one big stone. Almighty converted the stones into shoes.  Poor Tom was upset as he had a small and a big shoe. Few weeks before, I also heard this story from a priest who delivered an excellent sermon through this. Isn’t it obvious that when we look up and call the almighty, he would help us? Aren’t we all his children? Look up and witness the hope!
This story filled me up with optimism and hopes for the future. The kids saw the optimism , hopes as they looked up and heard the almighty’s word that Tom failed to hear! The story might be a parable but the lessons it teaches us are deep and intense. It teaches you that path of success will never be easy. You have to walk through the rocky roads to conquer the victory! But as it gets worse, you might lose hope and decide to give up. But remember that there is a hope on the other side of the rocky road that you may not be aware of! This optimism would take you to the next level. It will cleanse you into a better person as you would be filled with positivity. The story of hope and optimism is not new. Optimism is positivity, it will resonate new hopes into your life as you walk on the journey of life! Optimism can be found all around – in the laughter of children, in the excitement on your pet’s face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being away. Life sometimes could be a gamer, it will play with you and may be if you are good enough then you could win the battle or you might lose out. But during this battle, we always fail to remember that life is a teacher. It teaches you many good things. And we all live with a hope that something good would happen someday that would bring back the lost joy. Half of the world resides on hopes and relies on optimism. Stay calm and look up, the good is yet to come! Look up and walk through the memory lane that would remind you of the lost love. Don’t be drowned in sorrow. It won’t do any good to you.  See the world as your Kingdom and yourself as a King. A King can never be sad!  There is a silver lining behind every dark cloud for the one who believes it. An optimist would, a pessimist won’t!   I shared you my story of Optimism and Hopes that my grand mother narrated me.

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