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The Rewind button

I wish life had a rewind button

To be honest, the past few months have been disturbing for my family and my loved ones because of the passing of my sister at a very tender age.  A rare lung disease invaded her life at a time when she had big dreams in her eyes. She aspired to be a famous fashion designer but she had something else in her fate. Maybe the almighty had designed her life in such a way she only had to spend 24 years of her life with her family and rest with her almighty father, the Lord himself. 
I never had any ambitions or hopes of getting back to writing. Just that writing was a good outlet for me to express my emotions and expressions. I never felt like writing in all these days after the tragedy. But somewhere in my heart, I had decided to get back to writing because I understand that it is the one that will heal my wound and sooth the pain that I am suffering since the past few months. 
I saw this below topic in the Indiblogger Blogger’s community and this instantly affected me. I am not sure what the guy was thinking while he suggesting this topic but he did a good job for me and provided me with an opportunity to get back to regular writing. This is the topic.
For people who have been regularly reading my blog since its early stages would have known about my love and affection for my little sister. She was the tiny little world for me and my parents. She was my adorable princess and a doting little daughter to my beloved parents. We had done a lot for her happiness.  She wanted to study and we let her study whatever she wanted even with such a health condition. Her enthusiasm for studies and creativity was very much high. Maybe almighty detested this and snatched her away from us. I have written many blog posts about her. 
I remember it was 2010 when she got the first symptoms of black-outs and how the disease hid and showed up two years hence. We went to all the specialists but each one of them had to suffer and struggle to find the root cause of these symptoms and our heart grew weak when we were informed that she has a disease that had no cure in Medical science. She was shattered, discouraged, heart broke when she came to know about this. After reading the scary stuff on the internet, she was assured that she will never live a long life and she can’t live a quality life. 
If I had a rewind button, I would go back to those days and completely erase this disease from her body if I had a superpower. You never know much I am missing my little sister. I feel like having lost a part of my own self. Such was the love I had for my beloved sister.  I am very sure she is doing well in the heaven under the observation and care of the almighty but no love can defeat a mothers love. I shall use the rewind button and keep my sister with me and erase all the melancholia from our life that followed after 2010. 
Life is harsh and I already experienced it.  I hope to be regular on this blog. But I can’t promise though! Take care everyone and be good! 
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