Story of Sathya

Love Revisited!

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It was a fine Saturday evening.  Juhi was waiting for me at our favorite Hangout   place – the RCity Mall. We had spend the awesome days of our life at that place. It accidentally happens to be the venue when we met for the first time. Life, my friend is a fairy tale and sometimes all the characters play an important role. She was an angel with a magic wand who had the ability to change things upside down.  Last few weeks at work was disastrous. At times,working in a long term project could be a big pain. Having royally screwed by boss, I would only spend several hours at work and what I actually could give Juhi was zilch! But for her, I  was everything. This gap had proved to be a crucial one. It had made me think how life would be without her. I had spend the best days of my life with her in this  5 years relationship. But she was my pain killer, my paracetamol – who snatched all my pains even if there was none! Such was the magic and charm that this girl possessed. Some say that the best things in life is finding someone who knows   everything about you – your weaknesses, mistakes and still thinks high of you. I had found that awesome soul in form of my beloved Juhi. Today, my heart pumped a bit faster when she called me and informed me that we need to talk. Girls usually never say this but if they ever said then it would be  like a lull after a storm. I zig-zagged my bike towards the LBS marg. She was waiting for me at the Bowling Arena. It was where we spend most of our good old days. She was just 19 when I met her. And things changed rapidly since then. I raced my bike through the sodden road. All these while , I  had been busy engrossed in my work. Work had never let me sleep peacefully since past few months.

Story of Sathya
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I finally reached the RCity Mall. I quickly parked my bike in the parking and rushed to the fourth floor. She was waiting outside the Bowling Arena. My lips curved to a pleasant smile as I confronted her again after 2 months.
She looked ashen.  “Hey, finally!” I said, “How are you?”
“Yes, Finally!”
“How are you? Why do you sound so low?” I asked, curiously.
“What’s wrong, Juhi?”
“Nothing is wrong; everything that is happening is awesome,” she said.
“Stop talking in riddles!”
“Karan, we need to talk.”

“Talk about what?” I curiously asked her. Her eyes had turned moist as she looked at me.
“About this relationship,” she said. Her words flashed in my ears. The moment that I feared  the most was about to happen.
It’s a natural tendency that we as human fret when someone close to us talks about leaving us. Newton had rightly said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The principle applies to life too.
“I’m tired of this one sided bond.”  She said, “I’m tired of stitching the torn rags of this relationship and I no longer have the strength to face disappointments.”
Her eyes welled into tears.

“I want to finish it for once,”  she said.
“Juhi,I’m not surprised about you talking all this. Any girl in your place would feel so.” I said.
I looked straight into her eyes, wiped the tears streaming down her cheeks and said, “Now I have all the  time in the world to give you and I won’t disappoint you.”

“Don’t tell me something that you don’t mean.” she retorted.

“I do mean each and every word of what I uttered.” 
I wrapped my arms around her shoulder and said, “I love you and don’t you talk about leaving me.”
She rested her head on my shoulder and said, “Promise?”
I held her hand, gently touched her arms and said, “Yes!”
We sat on the chair and observed the boisterous teenage boys bowling on the track.
“Sir, you can take the third track,” the manager said to me.

“Karan, I will go first,” she said and snatched the ball from me. As she stood there, I saw a twinkle on her face. I was not used to see tears invading her eyes. Never again I wanted to see tears on her eyes. I touched her hands as she gripped the ball.  This touch reinstated the young days. We did the same on our first date here. That was five years back! She had won that day!

She had never changed but today she made my heart pound! Yes, I loved her, loved her more than anyone would ever love her. Such was the magic of my love for Juhi. As I held my other hand on her hips, we swinged  our  right hand and released the ball. The ball sailed slowly on the track and it was a clean strike.

She leaped forward on me and hugged me. A fine dinner at the Rain Forest Restaurant awaited us. It rekindled the old love. Talks of disappointments and leaving transformed into happiness. Halcyon days were back and we both were destined to be together. I love you Juhi!


Love is an amazing feeling. Everyone falls in love but sometimes when we fall out of love, it hurts! That eventually turns out to be a bad phase. Check out this video of Nimrat and Parambrata and how a small touch rekindled the old love in their life just like Juhi and Karan of our story . 🙂 

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