Story of Sathya

My 400th to my Blog, Bloggers and Booksters!


I would like to inform that this happens to be the 400th post of mine. It took me 7 long years to reach  this number. When I started blogging I never envisaged that I would be blogging for so long. But little did I know that I would write 400 blog posts. This is too big a number and I have a list of people to thank who supported me and guided me in this path. Blogging has been a passion for me and I would definitely want to add that life would have been different if it wasn’t blogging or bloggers.  Ideas used to stroll in my mind, its these ideas which embrace me and I painted those ideas to decorate my blog with the so called blog posts. It has been a learning experience and every thing counts.  I have come across bloggers who brag about their number of posts. I would like to be a silent blogger and there is a reason why I am writing this post. This makes me feel good and I am highly exhilarated as I type this message to thank each  one of you. During these seven years, I have learnt many things, extracted many things from senior  bloggers. I have derived inspiration from  blogger friends as its a learning process. To add to this , I have made and met many beautiful and amazingly wonderful souls who have always been supportive!

Story of Sathya

I start by thanking almighty God for providing me the time, energy and ideas to  write these posts.

#Thank you.I have a long list of people to thank in this post. Not that #Thanksgiving day is around the corner.The list is indeed too long.  Most of them are bloggers. Kindly forgive me if I miss any one.

#Thankyou Asbah & Sandeep Balan – You two have been with me since day 1 of my blogging life. You both are my mentors and  have been my partners in crime. I might not be in touch with you two but  I would like to remember you guys at this moment. I can’t forget the good times which we had when the Writers Lounge was at its peak. We  three had one plan  that succeeded but eventually flopped. Would love to bring back those amazing days back!

#Thankyou Leo – for inspiring me with your writings. You are truely the king of poems and I always wanted to write good poetries. We have been out of touch but thanks for the inspiration and the good old days at the Lounge.

#Thankyou Arjun – I still remember those days when we used to co author a series called 2 point someone at the Lounge. That used to crack me up! Thanks a lot for the wonderful memories macha πŸ™‚

#Thankyou John Kingsley, Thoorz, Pulkit, Arv, Nayana, Artz, Yamini, Insi, Smita, Gaurav Kharkanis,Rashi, Rashmi Rao –
Cheers to  the best people whom I met through Lounge

#Thankyou  Tan dada –
for those wonderful memories at the Lounge. I hope you are doing good and yes  we may be out of touch but I remember you every day.

#Thankyou  Shweta/ Tweety –
For the most adorable blogger girl of mine who fondly addressed me as the Story King.  I know you are busy but I want to tell you that you are being missed.

#Thankyou More Orangee/Naveen –
Kudos to our friendship brother. I know you are always there for me and you have been a fabulous friend of mine. I just want you to know that you have a special place in my heart.

#Thankyou Mehreen – You are my 3rd blogger friend from Pakistan after Asbah and Insi. I would like to thank you for all the guidance and help which you provided for restructuring and reviving my blog with the codes and all. You are one fabulous writer Mehak!

#Thankyou Mridu – Mridu is a wonderful friend. He has never said no to me whenever I knocked his door for help. He is the adorable dude of our gang!

#Thankyou Heena –
Such an amazing soul she is! She is sweet and kind. She writes lovely poems, Shayri’s etc. It was great meeting you at Chennai and it was great knowing you via Lounge

#Thankyou Amity Me – I fondly addressed you as Aunt. You should know that you hold a special place in my heart. Your poems have inspired me and I still crave to write poems like you.

#Thankyou Kiran – You have been another feather in my cap! You are fabulous and I don’t know how to thank you for all the efforts you put in and the feedback’s that you provide me on my blog articles.

#Thankyou Disha –
for being a wonderful friend. Thank you for saying that TSW has always been the best. TSW says thanks πŸ˜‰  You are always been there for me whenever I needed you. Cheers to our friendship!

#Thankyou Esthy & Anup Kaur –
to my beautiful gorgeous blogger girls. You both have been  terrific bloggers. You both write well and great knowing you two through blogs.

#Thankyou Sushmita/Rose – Oye! I miss our funny conversations. Sometimes I wish people didn’t get busy and  I will invite you to my wedding the day it gets fixed. I know you ask me the same question every time we talk on phone. You are certainly one of the best in my good books!

#Thankyou Sona dee,Rosh – Sona dee, you have been a great dee. Haven’t been in touch with you since long but I am in touch with Rosh. I have seen Rosh growing into a strong individual. I still remember Roshni writing those comments on one of my blogpost of 2008. She was a young girl of 12. Now she has grown so strong. Wish you blogged more often!

#Thankyou Prats –
for  all those wonderful poems!

#Thankyou Hashan – Man, your humour posts are too good.It was nice knowing you and meeting you through blogs and AT&T!

#Thankyou Parul – You were always available whenever I required you. You have been  my best friend and more than that you always provided me constructive feedback on the blogposts. You are an inspiration!

#Thankyou Chriz/Chronicwriter- Bro, I am a big fan of yours. Thanks for the entertainment through your blogposts 

#Thankyou Priya Joyce – One girl whom I could proudly call as my sister in blogworld. I love you dear sis! Thanks for being there!

#Thankyou Braj – Bro, my days at Delhi wouldn’t been meaningful without you. You were always there for me  and your friendly bonding  only gave me strength. You  guided me on almost everything! I love you! I am thankful to God for making me meet wonderful people like you

#Thankyou Tom Thomas – You are one fabulous writer. You are an inspiration for young bloggers. Your short movie  took internet by a storm and I feel lucky to meet you here.

#Thankyou Ankita Verma- You are a great friend! Thanks

#Thankyou Reeshita – You  feedbacks on my story helped me a lot. Your comments on my Techmate posts made me smile.

#Thankyou Vinti – I miss talking to you! Pl stay in touch! You are the best.

#Thankyou Cynthia – Hey! Thanks for coming in my life Cyn! Thanks for the wonderful friendship!

#Thankyou Sarah Malik – Hey Sarah! I want to tell you today that you have been my best friend.You write well and thank you to you for taking efforts to read my blog. Your constant words of motivation often helped me during the time when I never felt like writing. And I still remember your first comment on my blog. I don’t see skeletons in my closet πŸ˜› Hah!

#Thankyou Animesh – You are the best! You are few of the talented people send by Almighty to make people smile. You, through your writings  have created many fans. I can proudly say that even I am your fan. I take this opportunity to thank each and every member of Pune Blog-In community. Thank you bhai!

#Thankyou Arpita- Thinking about you only makes me smile! Thanks for being a fabulous friend! You are an excellent writer and more than that a very amazing friend!

#Thankyou Chitz – Another fabulous friend of mine! We two are great gossip mongers!  πŸ˜‰ Wish you luck for the future and yea we do keep winning the same prizes on blogger contests. Cheers to our friendship!

#Thankyou Sherna – The girl who shares her birthday with me.Fabulous friend, thanks for the friendship! and hey you write well!

#Thankyou Aparna – Another great friend of mine. You are a fabulous and I always want you to know that you should start blogging again.

#Thankyou Van – You write quality blogposts and you are  fabulous! Keep Writing!

#Thankyou Ekta – Dee, I can’t tell how how much I love reading you. You have been always helpful and you are there for me whenever I needed you. Thanks for all the love and the friendship! I miss those moments when we used to discuss about our strategies and ideas for the contests.

#Thankyou Renu – I thank God for making me meet her. She is my favourite blogger. She writes well but I always want to tell you that I love your writings. Have faith in your abilities and you are a very talented person. I wish to tell you today that if I stop writing someday and you still continue blogging, even that day I would be the first to read your blog. I may not be writing comments but I would like to tell you that I follow your blog silently.Silent reader that I am!  You are the BEST! Thank you very much!

#Thankyou Sriram – Yay! finally time to mention him. We fondly address him as the GOD of blogworld! He is an insightful person and our loving captain whom we all love and look forward! He is a great leader and more than that a very good friend and a loving brother!

#Thankyou Namrata –
here comes my inspiration. Lady who sends me inspirational quotes. Driving force who inspires me to blog. You are amongst my favorite people who give me the reason the blog often

#Thankyou Dee – You are an inspiration. You write well and I admire your consistency at winning contests. Teach me the art of winning contests. Hear me! I say ‘Art’

#Thankyou Ankit –
He says that he used to follow my blog as a secret visitor and I was amongst the one who inspired him to blog. Thanks for all the love bro! Cheers to our friendship! We two are great and trust me we will rock and keep rocking. I am ready to help you any day, anytime!

#Thankyou Rafaa –
for all the wonderful stories of yours. You are fabulous and a great writer and more than that you rock!

#Thankyou Fati & Vaisakhi –
My Awesome blogger girls, my sisters and fabulous bloggers. I love you girls and thanks for all your contribution in Bloggywood!

#Thankyou Anukriti – My captain, my sister and my best friend. Love you Bahen! You are the best and I want to tell you that I remember you everyday in my prayers.

#Thankyou Namrota,Nikhil, Rahul Sir,Ritesh, Sud, Amar Jazzy, Neha Sharma, Gayathri Kannan-
My wonderful friends..Each one of you are special for me and you all have a special place in my heart!

#Thankyou Tapobrata – I admire your funny bone and  the way in which you make people laugh.You are the like the PR of our group and a rockstar who is harmless at heart and a very good friend!

#Thankyou Karan- The official spokesperson of our group! He in an insightful person with lots of creative ideas and we share amazing stories when we are together especially with Ankit!

#Thankyou Hetal,Rohan –
I should tell that one day  I accidentally bumped into their blog through some contest forum and learned that they are good writers. Rohan to me is like an elder brother and I still want to know the secret behind your amazing writings. We all call him as the king of erotic writing. Trust me he his talented!

#Thankyou Aditi, Ashwin – Amazing bro – sis duo. They need a special mention too. Aditi, for all the creative, witty  ideas that she gives me. I remember the Guju Aunty idea of yours for the Life of Pri post on my blog. Ashwin, my younger bro – for helping me with the codes and css stuffs. Love you guys!

#Thankyou Madhulata –  My wonderful friend. Always there to help me! Thanks a ton for being there. And yeah I am coming there soon. Book the flight! πŸ˜›

#Thankyou Ratika/Asteria – Thanks a lot sis for inspiring me through your blogs. You are a great person and thanks for all the help when I call you for doubts regarding medicines and my queries on diagnosis πŸ™‚ Love you sis!

#Thankyou Harshal – Thank you bhaiyya πŸ˜› I mean chottu..You are like my younger brother in blogworld. Love you

#Thankyou Reshmi – The Virat Kohli of my Bloggywood team. It was nice knowing you and reading you. Keep writing Virat.

And #Thankyou to my wonderful readers like Gayatri Aptekar, my facebook fans, Blog followers and every one of you who read my blog. You all are the reason why I still blog despite of tight schedules.  Cheers to blogging! Accept my apologies to all whose names I missed. I am sure I have not missed any but if I have then kindly forgive me! You all are the reason why this blog still exists. Its been 7 long years and I pray that this association continues forever! Thank you! And my 400th goes to you all!

Story of Sathya
Love ,
The Solitary Writer

PS – I have not edited this post. Wrote it and posted. Spare pl!

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