Story of Sathya

221.Dilemma – 2

continued from Dilemma – 1
*Girl, *Boy

“You can’t fall in love,” a friend of mine said to me.
“You bet! I’m a charmer,” I said.
“Wherever I go girls follow me like mad,” I added.
“I wish you could identify some special people in your life,” she said to me.
“I know you’re a charmer, but you don’t cast a spell upon any random person , do you ?,” she added.
“Why don’t you understand some important people in your life who follow you like crazy?,” she said.

I failed to understand  her intention.
“I wish you could..,”  She  smiled.

“I’m the kind of person who has this unique tendency to make people smile any where and everywhere, even in their deepest sorrow.I’m not a clown who can go on and on by tickling everyone’s funny bone.It takes immense efforts to grab that one smile from my beloved ones face.In this process I’ve attracted many people and how do I identify the special one from them,”I said.

“I wish you’d learnt me better.Remember the day I proposed you and you gave me long explanation and rated me as just a best friend,” I added.

“Do you want me to remind you of  many such incidents?,”I perplexed.

“There are many such things in life apart from this.You know how much  hurt you caused me that  day by refusing me,” I said.

“Why don’t you understand ?..that was different.. thats it..” she said.
“I love you..,” She stared at me.

“But you wanted me to be your best friend forever,” I smiled.
“Yes, can’t best friends fall in love,” she said.
“Hmm, so what do you want me to say?,” I asked.
“Love me or else I won’t leave you alone,” she winked.
“You are a insane,” I smiled.

“I’ve been loving you since the last 4 years from college.Just that my love for you was overshadowed by friendship and I’m glad you love me,” I said.
“Huh! don’t eat my  head and I need a kiss outright,” she demanded.
I kissed her on her pink cheeks..
“I wish you kissed me somewhere else too ,” she smiled.
“As you wish…,” I grabbed her.

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