Story of Sathya

The Fall of a dear friend!!! :(

 7th August – The entire world celebrates the  festival of friendship. Festival , I call it because of the bond it creates between people. A friend is someone who is your alter ego,a companion,comrade,peer etc are few of those  people whom you look after being with kins. World celebrated friendship day and I heard the news of the sad demise of  a dear friend.

It was shocking for me. I was away from him for over 1.2 years because of my transfer to New Delhi but I would say that he was the best of my buddies. He was an adventure lover and may be it was his thirst for adventure in life made him kick the bucket at a young age of 26. 26 – The age where an individual stands by himself and makes a living .Think about his family who has been with him since his birth.How shattered could they be. We  both during our good times in Pune used to mock each other and have fun at our own expense. Batchmates would call us as Tom & Jerry. I would easily get irritated and he would enjoy the most of it. Today, I am upset and sad that I lost my buddy. He was recently in Delhi but I failed to meet him due to my busy schedule. I thought  I would meet him  when I return back to Mumbai. But today I learnt that I  can’t meet him forever. A genuine smile would make his face bright.He was a rather chirpy,fun loving person. I remember those early days of our friendship where we began with a formal hi ,hello. These ‘hi’ ,’hellos’ turned into ‘abey yaar’,’sale’,’kuttey’,’kamine’ and bose dk’s. How good it would be when life was rollbacked to the last happiest moment of our life.We helped each other during the worst phase our training when we both flunked in Unix and the entire batch passed. We struggled,we strived but finally after some joint practice sessions ..we did clear the test.

Story of Sathya

 (RT and me used to practice programs in empty classes during weekends to avoid distraction.Could see RT writing UNIX Shell scripting codes  on his notepad)
How much did it hurt him when the entire batch cleared the training and he alone failed the eligibility criteria.I remember our entire batch stood by to defend him and he got a project in Pune. How much did it hurt him ,when we left for Delhi and he carried all our bags till the station. I remember he giving me the rossary and asked  me to keep it as a token of his friendship. We arranged the cakes and celebrated his birthday  after the Java sessions. I personally gifted him a Coffee mug and asked him to preserve it forever. Ajay sobbed when he told me the news.He was attached with him almost most of these two years. I only lived with him for 3 months. Ajay wept when he said that he couldn’t forget him. I still remember I spoke to him last week about the Appraisal letters.He was the one who would always say that  my blog was made by copy pasting articles from famous writers novel. He would say that but never meant.How much fun we had together. He was a charmer. All girls would be smitten by his charm.
Till he was alive, he always wanted me to write a blog post about him. I never really had time for all that but today my fingers couldn’t stop typing this post. But I afraid he couldnt read. This is for you  bhai…. God,why are you so ruthless. You took my friend away. For he wasn’t a sinner nor he was a transgressor. This is not good.This was the fall of my dearest friend ever who embraced death .God bless him. RIP RT

We all love you buddy..

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