Story of Sathya

The Birthday Gift

birthday gift

The best birthday gift I have ever received

I wish I could express or
Request all the lovely words
And make them say to you
What place you have in my life

It might take a million days
Maybe a few lifetimes
Yet it would incompletely say
The joys you brought to my life

And if I were to barter them
For things and people around
Not all thing in the world would
Equal to your worth in my life

Matters of the heart they say
Are better left unsaid
But the love that brims over
I wish a handful of it could I express

A lot of people may claim
That angels do exist and live
Ask me and I would proudly say
God gave one to me as a gift

And they may say this blind vanity
Is of no good to me but
even your hurts and pain
Have a special place reserved in me

And on your special day
I wish I could have gifted you, ample love
So much that could bring
Me back into your busy life

You will probably never understand
What place you hold in my soul
And I know that in your world
There is hardly space for me

I doubt if all of it makes any sense
There seems no rhyme or reason
Β  Incoherent thoughts piled up
But I wrote to express not to impress

They say words express many things and they are intense.
PS -Today is my birthday πŸ™‚

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