Story of Sathya

161.My Angel,My Best friend !!

Story of Sathya

Today I am going to talk about some one whom I met 2 years ago the same day.21st September does means a lot to me as I met many great people in the month of September.I would love to tell you few interesting things about this girl.I would proudly call her as my best friend .This is simply because this person is so special and moreover my ‘best’ friend.Once what was known as a random friends request in Orkut turned out to be a bliss.I never imagined ,not even in my dreams that I would meet some one like her.She is a gem of a person.Well I am not exaggerating although I am used to at times. She is a soul who can’t even think bad of others.Ask her she would say a simple “No” that too with a cute smile on her face.It is this modesty of hers which is annoying at times.Modesty,Humbleness coupled with Formality constitutes her.I am actually honoured to write few words about her.I mean few words and I am sorry if this post is too long as I also have to highlight certain things about this person .Right from day one ,I would let you know about the little tiffs,fights which didn’t last long,masti along with minute gossips and many more.Hey,did I miss something.Oh! how will I forget the ‘pestering’ part.It would be good if I write about this here,but I know she will kill me if I get to meet her.So it would be better not to talk about the ‘pestering’ part later.Shh!!!.

Did I say I met a person 2 years ago? .If I’d said so then I would like to correct it.She is an angel ,gods blessed kid.She is an example for all girls in today’s era.Trust me.I am going to talk about her and only her in this post.Girl,hope you won’t mind me talking about you and I am quite sure something similar like this is coming on your blog too.Story of Sathya. I met her at a time when I thought I was going through the dark phases of my life.Upset and with my hopes tarnished because of my broken legs and Pneumonia I just didn’t knew what to do.. I was really heartbroken and sad.I failed to take the positives from my life.I just had no hopes about anything and everything was a mess.Sitting at home under doctors advice was terrible.I remained in my home for at least one month until I completely recovered.I had no other options other than Orkutting and Facebooking to while my time.It was during this time when I was surfing through my friends orkut profile.My eyes soon grabbed the attention of a profile which displayed a ‘cute baby’ picture. Yes,she was cute indeed.Curiosity kills a cat and everyone knows it.I clicked on that profile which had some wonderful quotes written. “One smile can stop 1000 tears” was written on her profile.It instilled a smile on my face and I just imagined how thought provoking this statement was.I assumed that she was indeed a wonderful person.I checked her Orkut Album and got to learn about her collections and everything. I read the testimonials that her friends wrote for her.I was just simply amazed and impressed. Without any second thought, I send her an add request.Later on that evening I realized that whatever I did was not good.How would I send a friendship request to someone whom I don’t know.My hopes of seeing her as my friend eventually dimmed away.I just hoped she could add me as a friend and I was 1% hopeful that this would happen.Almighty did listen to my prayers and yes she did added me the next day.I was actually overwhelmed to be honest as it was far beyond expectations …hehehe…. I scrapped her “hi”,”hello” and all blah blah things and waited for her reply.I got her first reply the same evening reverting the same things what I wrote …I mean the hi and hello part.I informed her about her beautiful collections and everything.She thanked me for the same and it is this tryst with “thanks “ that I even see today.She won’t cease to thank me for any deeds or any kind of help.Simply amazing person she is.Friendship bloomed within few days and we turned out to be good friends. Good friends turned even more good and the term ‘good’ was replaced by ‘best’ .Yes she is my ‘best’ friend.This is not a tribute or a dedication post. I remember the old days of our friendship..I mean the initial days when we were so formal.Months later we chatted in Yahoo. Those late night chats were few of the memorable things of our friendship.We fought like anything even for no reasons.Later on I showed her my blog and to be honest I never did this for cheap publicity Story of Sathya..hehe ..She was impressed with my blog to such an extent that whenever I plan to delete the Solitary Writer within me ..she threatens me by saying that she won’t talk to me.You will laugh if I say that she asks for our consent before she leaves.May I please leave”, would be her trademark line whenever she leaves.I still remember it got smiles on my face when she asked me for the first time.“Why are you asking me?,” was my instant reply. She would say“brb 10 minutes” and if she is late even by 1 minute then she would apologise saying “so sorry stibumama”... I forgot to tell you that no one in this world has ever called me mamu ,I mean grown ups.She is the first person to call me mamu.I won’t mind it but it feels weird being a mamu to a girl who is just 1 month younger to me.God forbid me!! She loves to kill me for silly reasons.“I will kill you”, is one of her favourite lines and trust me she threatens me everytime I go mad.She calls me mad and I fail to understand the reason behind this madness. hehe…I agree I am not mad though.

April -May 2008 was the best season.She wrote few articles for my blog as well.“Heart has its own reason” post and “anger management classes” were amongst the two posts which she wrote for my blog.It stands out one of the best posts and has a good google post ranking.I get amused when I check the feedjit traffic to see people arriving from Belgium,France,Russia,U.K,U.S.A and Argentina to read this post of hers.I even published that post for my college magazine and got good replies from friends.But all credits to the frog who wrote it.By frog I remember,I love calling her frog as She is one of the biggest ‘darpok’ I have ever met in my life.I still remember the first phone call and the way she thanked me for making her comfortable on the phone.Story of SathyaStory of Sathya ..Remember talking to a stranger in phone is a big deal for a sweet girl like her.Grr … * Oh now I can see brooms in you hand as I called myself a stranger…ok fine best friend okie…..* .She looks gorgeous ,beautiful,adorable and cute.She looks like an European who settled in India.Her face would exhibit shades of pink ..coz she lives near a place which is snow cladden most of the time.
One thing that I adored in her is the amount of love she owes to her parents,siblings and friends.She honours her,respects them and respects the trust that they have in her.She is a gem as I always say and she is the best.Read my Orkut Testimonials written by her.She promised me that she would look for a “Gao ki gori for me” ..Hehe I am still waiting for that gori…Story of Sathya..She cares for her friends and her closed ones.She loves kids and her nephew,who is really adorable.I forgot to say something about her academics.She is one big scholar who scores 70 + marks in almost all sems.She argues with me whenever I whine her about my marks being lesser than hers.I just pray that God will help you and protect you forever as you his own kid.You are an angel, girl!. This is a friendship token for you written by me.Whenever you remember me then do read this.I hope that we both remains friends forever.What kind of life would it be without friends? …Yes Life will be miserable without friends.But with friends like her your life would be a bliss.And I consider myself lucky that I got a friend like her.She is a great person , a great friend of mine.She is my Angel and my Best friend .Thanks a lot Parzii for this friendship.God bless you dear and Happy 2nd year Friendship day..You rock and we will keep rocking ..Take care.

 Happy 21st September Parziii
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