Story of Sathya

7 Days to lose a girl – Part 1

Disclaimer – Strictly Fiction.

This shall pass too
A thousand souls followed her like crazy wherever she went. She was a heartthrob of many people in my office. Life drastically changed as I met her.Being a loyal employee of my organization, only thing which I knew was work and nothing else. A normal life with complete happiness is what I desired, but sometimes I fail to understand this materialistic world. People here work for money and during this process they fail to realize that there are many who expect a lot from them. Expectation in form of time, love, presence and happiness. These 7 days represent the plight of a man who met a girl, befriended her, fell in love with her and finally got ditched and betrayed by her. Once upon a time in the year 2006, a guy met a wonderful woman who joined his project team, eventually their bonding grew strong as days passed and many things happened between them. He found a confidante in form of his mischievous 14 year old niece who played a major role in his life, because of whom the girl gets attracted towards him.  She could be considered as the one who was responsible for shortening his blissful love life to 7 days. 1 day is enough to impress a girl, 2 days are enough to get her along, 3 days are enough to win her heart and just one day is enough to shatter everything. It was a sunny morning and it was the day when the devil in disguise entered my life. It was one fine Wednesday of 2006.
Wednesday – Day 1 – 14th June 2006.

Story of Sathya
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Being a team lead, I was responsible for the successful deployment of the C++ components in the migration project allocated to us. After 4 months of designing and coding, it was the day where the migrated components were ready to be delivered. Two important events happened in my life. Firstly, my manager was too happy with our team’s performance. He assured us a heavy increment and the second thing which happened had influenced me in some or the other way. 
“Anurag and team please meet Anubhuti Sharma,” Our Manager introduced this new entrant to our team.
“Hii everyone,” she smiled and introduced herself.
“Meet the captain of my team Anurag Chatterjee,”Mr.Bala introduced Anubhuti to me.
“Oh sir,” I said with a straight face.
A tall girl who looked beautiful. Dark hairs braided till her back, brown eyes which  were    attractive due to heavy application of Kohl and mascara, rosy cheeks and good fleshy lips  which was lipsticked with red .She was a complete package of happiness. I stared at her eyes as she shooked hands with me.
“Anurag Sir,” she said.
“Ermm!! no Sir Vir please,” I said for once.
It was the first time I’d met her but I had a strong feeling that I was craving to meet her since long. We spoke for hours and we would not stop even a single minute. It was a happy day in my life. It was a very long day. After long gossip sessions with Anubhuti, I finally returned home. My sister had arrived from Wellington and a warm hug awaited me. My elder sister who was my best friend had come home to meet us. I was indeed pleased to meet my little niece Pinky . Pinky was a  cute bubbly girl who entered her early teenage days.
“Mamu,I was  missing you since long,” Pinky kissed me on my cheeks.
“Aww my sweet little girlie, mamu missed you too,” I hugged her.
It was the end of Wednesday and a fresh day waited for me. I got to learn many things about this new girl in my team.
Thursday- Day 2 – 15th June 2006
“Good morning Anu,” a colleague of mine said to me.
“Oh don’t call me so,” I warned him for once.
“Any way Good morning dude,” I smiled.
I was simply amazed to see that she was sitting next to me.
“Hey Anubhuti,” I greeted her.
“Hey Anu!,” she replied back.
“Anu!,”I was perplexed .
“It is such a sweet name, my friends used to call me so,” she said with a smile on her face as she combed her hairs.
“Ok then you can call me Anu too.” I smiled back at her.
After few hours of work, I’d asked her out for a chai. Without any hesitation she accompanied me. We went to Shankar’s shop where we used to smoke every day. Shankar raised a cigarette stick as soon as he saw me. I refused and he learnt what I meant to say. 
“Anurag,if you want you can smoke, I would be waiting here near the  gate,”Anubhuti said.
“No No, I don’t smoke at all,” I winked at her and ordered Shankar to get 2 cutting chai for both of us.
“I hate liars,” she replied back.
“Do you always wanted to be an Engineer?,” she asked me.
“Not exactly,” I said.
“I hate this profession,” she said.
“Actually, I wanted to be a doctor,” I added.
“But I could not clear my entrance exams ,”
“I scored  2 marks less and I was already behind by some 8000 ranks..So I couldn’t secure that important MBBS Seat,” I told her.
We used to roam outside the Infosys campus quite frequently and would share jokes .Day 2 was just another day for me. Nothing really happened.
I reached home at 10 pm and my niece actually asked me something which she wanted to ask since long.
“Mamu, do you have any girlfriend?,” she asked this in front of my folks. Everybody burst into laughter when she exhibited her innocence. I took her to my room and planned to inform her everything about Anubhuti.
“Pinky , actually I like someone at office,” I said to my niece.
“UMM, who is the lucky girl?,” she taunted.
“ Well she is Anubhuti,” I smiled.
“Anubhuti and Anurag matches,” she laughed out loud.
“Ok chill and its ok, don’t laugh too much…people downstairs would hear us,” I requested her.
“Ask her out Mamu,” she said.
“Oh you think it would work,” I asked her.
“Oh why not? But upfront we should know if she likes you too,” She said.
“And how will we know that?,” I curiously asked her.
“Let her talk to me,” She said.
“Oh no that’s not happening,Okay?” I said.
“Please Anurag mamu or else I would say to your Didi and your mommy,” she said.
“Oh No… fine then I will plan something and maybe we could meet tomorrow,” I said to her.
This little brat had an important role to play in my life. I actually liked her idea. Implementing this idea was the next big step to do and I was not sure about what to do. Pinky planned to be the architect behind my love life. I appreciated it.
Friday- Day 3 – 16th June, 2006
Anubhuti looked pretty as usual. She was wearing a pink suit. I smiled at her when I took my seat.
“Hey good morning Anu!,” She greeted me and said  “You are looking smart”
“You are too gorgeous and stunning,” I smiled.
Usually in IT companies Friday is supposed to be fun. No one actually feels like working. I told her about my little niece’s desire to meet her. She was bemused when I told her about my niece. 
Story of Sathya
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“But why would she want to meet me,” she curiously asked me.
“No I actually told her many good things about you and she wants to meet you,” I said.
“Ahem, Ahem, so when am I meeting her,” she asked me.
“May be today tomorrow evening,” I said.
“So what else? Another boring day and have to fill the timesheets again,” She said.
“It happens,” I said.
After working for few hours, we went out for coffee and roamed across the Infy campus and left for home at 9 pm.
“Mamu,is she meeting Pinky ?,” Pinky asked me
“Haha yes she is..Hahaha,” I giggled.
“So, all set to meet her for a movie tomorrow,” She said.
“What!! Movie? yes yes why not?,” I replied.
“If not then I would inform this to your Didi and your mommy,” she scolded me.
“As you say deariee….” I smiled.
“Wonderrful……,”she handed me the hide and seek biscuit which momma gave to her.
Friday was the day 3 and I had got this feeling that I could impress her and may be express my love for her very soon. Saturday was the day which created the actual change. A different experience awaited this young Engineer from Infosys. But altogether Friday was fun too….
Saturday – Day 4 – 17th June ,2006

Story of Sathya
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I always believed that love is an essential part of everyone’s love. Not everyone is lucky to be loved. But you might not know when some special ones enters your life and its painful when they leave you without informing you. But Anubhuti was a wonderful girl and I liked her character a lot. She was there to stay..
As planned I was waiting for her at the Fame Adlabs  with my niece. We planned to go for “Casino Royale”
“Beep.1 text message” my phone alerted me
“Hey Anu,I will be up there in 15 minutes,” she had texted me.
We both were waiting for Anubhuti.

To be continued….

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