Story of Sathya

7 days to lose a girl – Part 2

continued from here 

Disclaimer – Strictly Fiction!

Saturday – day 4 – 17th June 2006
Story of Sathya
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We both were waiting for Anubhuti at Fame Adlabs. My naughty little niece was demanding her 2nd Vanilla Sundae and I had not other options but  to fulfill her demands.Anubhuti didn’t make us wait for long. My niece saw Anubhuti and said something on my ears to which I couldn’t stop laughing.
“Mamu, your girl is sexy and really gorgeous,” she whispered on my ears.
“Thanks…shh,”I replied back.
“Hey sorry guys,I’m coming directly from my Bua’s place,…so sorry I made you wait,”She smiled.
“Oh yes you did,meet my niece Pinky ,” I introduced my niece to Anubhuti.
“Hello Pinky ,” They both shooked their  hands.
“Hey we are getting  late for the movie I guess,” my niece said.
“Lets go!,”  Anubhuti and I said in unison.
Anubhuti was a big movie freak and no wonder she was watching it with full attention. Pinky was  staring at her and she would imitate her and look back at me.
Finally, there was an interval  after 1 hour.I had gone out to  buy the snacks and cold drinks.
My little niece made good use of this opportunity and the devil  within her woke up. I had no idea what she had said to Anubhuti but I was sure that was something which would land me in trouble.
“Hey Anu!,” Pinky said to Anubhuti.
“You are indeed very gorgeous and  beautiful,” She said.
“Thanks little girl, you’re so cute,” Anubhuti kissed Pinky on her cheeks.
“My mamu is the best mamu of the world. He is such a sweetheart you know…,”Pinky added.
“yes I agree,” Anubhuti replied.
“Yea, I loved the way he manages our team,” She smiled
“I am going to say 5 points about my sweetheart mamu..
1. My mamu never smokes
2.Mamu never drinks..but he drinks Coke and Pepsi.
3.My mamu hardly  interacts with any girl,he does only if the girl initiates a chat.
4.Mamu never fights with anyone and most importantly point 5.
Mamu has never been into any relationships and he is still single and yes my mamu never lies under any circumstances and he hates liars…” She said and took a deep breath.
“Oh interesting!,” Anubhuti reacted.
“What do you think about my uncle?,” Pinky asked her.
“Well Anurag is a gentleman and what else can I say,” She smiled at Pinky .
“I guess mamu likes you…,” Pinky winked.
“whaaaaaaaaaaatttt!!!,”Anubhuti was bewildered and this reaction scared the little girl.
“Oh yes now don’t scare me..If you want the proof then better meet him tomorrow in personal and talk to him about this and then you would realize that I was not wrong, “ Pinky said.
I entered the hall with coke cans and pop corns.
We seldom spoke after the interval.Finally the movie got over after 1.5 hours and we left for our home after leaving Anubhuti to her PG.
“Good luck mamu…the girl is yours,” My niece said to me as we entered our home.
“what did u tell her ?,” I curiously asked her.
“wait naa mamu….just wait and watch…,” she said and went to her mom.
I pondered over these few lines uttered by her.It was strange that a little girl could make things possible for me.
At 11 pm ,I realized that Anubhuti had given me a missed call. I called her back.
“Hey Anu,” I said
“Hi,how are you?,” She said.
“I’m good and you, “ I asked.
“Want to clarify something with you…,” She said 
“Need to meet you.11 am sharp at Barista,” She said and cut the phone

Saturday ended with that phone call and a fresh day was waiting for me.
Sunday – day 5 – 18th June 2006.
Story of Sathya
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Anubhuti was waiting for me at Barista. She was glaring at me as I took my seat.
“Hi,” I smiled.
“What the hell  do you think of yourself?,” She asked to which I started sweating profusely.
“Excuse me….I don’t know why are you asking me this,” I said to her.
“OK..fine.. do you like me?,” she asked me.
“Noooo…,”I said with a straight face.
“Oh really…you must be knowing that I hate liars,” She said for once.
“Yes,I do like you…,” I said .
“Like as in just friend right or something else..,” She asked.
“Now thats it…I don’t like but I love you…I wanna live a life with you damn….,” I looked into her eyes.
“I’m not impressed….,” She said.
“I would be more happy if you had said to me instead of your little niece saying all this to me,” she said.
“Oh what did she say?,” I curiously asked her.
“Uh forgot it..I don’t want you to go mad at that poor thing, she is an innocent girl Anu,” She said.
“I love you too,” She blushed.
“I’m very happy I met a genuine guy like you,” She said.
I smiled back and said “Is it so sweety?,”
I always had a dream to meet a girl like her and always wished to live a life with a person like Anubhuti. I knew that I was close to this and that would surely happen one day.
“You know what Anu,I was actually impressed by what your niece said to me,” She said.
“My dad always used to be my hero. He adored me and Maa lot. He was such a great father and a good husband. My daddy was the best person and the first man with whom I’d fallen in love with.I’d fallen in love with his principles,attitude,innocence and many more,” She added.
“After my daddy ,I see you as my hero.You are  the person who can cherish me and handle me with care and I want to live with you and I  am saying it from my heart,” she smiled.
“Well, I’m  happy that I got the woman of my dreams,”I said.
“so whats our plan for evening?,” She asked me.
“You decide ,” I firmly hugged her. This was not the first time I was taking to a girl.But this girl was some one special to me.
We talked for hours and  traveled the entire city without leaving any corners.It felt as if we were longing to meet each other since ages.We were made for each other. She portrayed me as a chivalrous knight who was always there for her to protect and take care of her. I was glad that she saw me as a hero. I loved the way she smiled and played with her hair. She was actually different than the rest of the girls and some characteristics of this girl often pulled a smile on my face. She was beautiful and adorable.
“Hey love,I need to go right now and its too late,” she replied back.


Story of Sathya
Taken from Google Images
Words like ‘sir’ got replaced by ‘Love’,’Sweety’ and so on.
“Do you really have to leave?,” I looked into her eyes.
“yes I’ve to …look its 10 pm and the gates of my PG would be closed by 11,” she added.
“I can’t wait to see you till tomorrow,” I smiled.
“I love you Anurag,…,” She kissed me on my cheeks and left for her PG.
I was madly in love with her and she was everything for me.If it wasn’t my niece then I wouldn’t have gathered enough courage to propose her. I reached home after some times.
“I love you Anurag She texted me.
“Love u baby…see you tomorrow at office,” I replied back.
Sunday was indeed a special day in my life where I got the love of my life.
(to be continued…)


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