Story of Sathya

From the Diary of a Biker!

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Nights wouldn’t have been interesting if only they were night.I gave a new definition to Night during my glorious days of 2008.People work the whole day to earn bread and butter.No doubt, everyone has a family to support.Even I was a bread and butter earner for my family.I was deeply associated with biking and my love for riding bikes could be backtracked  to my good old college days.We had joy,we had fun,we had challenges in the sun.I got inspired from my Baba who taught me how to ride a bike.Aai(Mom) cared for me and adored me.She never let me ride a bike as she was afraid of losing me to the angel of death.My father collapsed in a road accident leaving me and mother alone.That made her more weak and vulnerable to emotions and feelings.I tackled life wisely and faced challenges at every step of my life.But still my passion and interesting for bikes didn’t cease to fade.For me biking was life,a mean of life.The ‘Royal Enfield’ ,which others fondly called as ‘the bullet’ was a valuable asset,a prized possession to me which Baba gifted me when I was 19.I used to roam the traffic jammed streets of Mumbai.The pit holes and the bumpy roads only adorned the ride.I rode through the ugly roads of Dharavi and the  pleasant roads of Bandra.I drived through the ocean of traffic jams,the roaring vehicles and the grumpy bus drivers.Several times I’ve zig zagged the roads through the heavy traffics  passing through the whingering bus drivers. They would pop their head out of their buses and literally abuse me in the local slang. I would turn behind,glare at them and move away.Life’s a bliss at times,otherwise it has been a dirty bitch to me.The ‘Royal’ bike was  like my 1st love, my girlfriend. Perhaps, my intense love for my bike was  the reason why my girl left me. Aai(Mom) never read my interest and passion correctly,if she’d then I would have been a popular biker of this nation nurturing my dreams.Everyday I leave my home at 9 am, silent and quietly in pursuit of my destiny.I look around and reminisce the old days where gorgeous  girls of my society smiled and ogled at me as I left home.
 I remember the first time I rode my bike through the street which sheltered me.Everyone  said I flaunted my prized asset but little did they knew that it was my life.Biking for me effaces the sorrows out of my life.It has been my best friend which soothes me.Sorrows and Struggles are part and parcel of life,but one should always try to extract the sadness out of their life.Happiness shouldn’t overshadow the sadness in our life.Every time I am upset,my bike invites me for a long drive.A long drive which soothes me and makes me feel good.Everytime my bike tyre kissed the road, there is a  feeling of joy.The road exhibits a smile,it salutes my bike. My insatiable thirst for biking and adventure only grew strong everytime I met my fellow bikers.I recall my days in Delhi where I redefined Night.I remember the days where I along with my friends rode through the gory and the eerie dark path.We sped up ,accelerated together chasing the Sedans moving on the continous road following the India Gate.The night road witnessed less vehicles as we rode to glory in pursuit of the beautiful damsels who drove the Sedan.Once we overtook them,one of the girls got out of the car and sat behind me.She removed my helmet and stole my heart with a kiss on my lips.Little did I realize that we were destined to be together.We three, spend time in togetherness usually talking about each other and observing the night sky.She wanted me to priortize her over my bike.My feelings for her deceased as she tried to demarcate me and my ‘royal’ love in form of my bike.She failed to realize my love for my bike and biking.Soon,I saw her fading away from my life.The love hangover affected me,but soon I recovered.I started again,the whole new journey.It was the only wealth my father left behind for me.The empty roads and my ‘Royal’ bike never ceased to impress me. My Bike,my first love.

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