Story of Sathya

Love & Lies 5

Disclaimer – All characters in this story are fictitious.
Things seemed to have changed after the melodrama which Ankita had  created. I am not the right person to comment on it but I wasn’t sure what made her fall for me. Its hard to believe such things were running through her mind. She failed to read affection and love. She was rather confused and I just never wanted to accept her as a part of my life. Its  my friendly and caring nature  towards my brothers girlfriend which made her special in my life. I had never seen Ankita like that before.
‘Maybe somewhere deep in my heart,I know love lasts,’ My Ipod was playing Paramore -You are the Only Exception.
‘But Darling, you are the only exception,’ The next line read.
These lines came to me as if Ankita was singing for me.I was clearly disturbed and clueless about Ankita’s future.
The train departed at the scheduled time.I sat next to a Tamil guy who was stout. His face was obscured and covered with stubble which looked scary. His tobacco stained teeth gave him a fancy look.He was wearing a maroon t shirt and a baggie trouser of contrast color.I was trying to focus on the Novel which I was reading.
‘Anna, when will Delhi come?,’ He displayed a big grin on his face exhibiting his yellow tabacco stained teeth.
I preferred to remain silent.I remained firm for a while.
‘Anna,Please tell me no when will Delhi come?,’ He irked me for some reasons.
I glared at him.But it didn’t work.I decided to remain cool but this guy was getting on my nerves.
I planned to smack him down if he asked me the same question one more time.
‘Ayyo Anna,please tell when Delhi will come?,’ He shrugged my shoulder.Unfortunately only we two were seated on the particular section of the coach.
My day was getting worse from bad after meeting the South Indian guy.
‘Dude..go and ask Delhi..Shut the Fk up,’ I was rude and for some reason I believed that he deserved this treatment.
I had already messed up with Afreen on our very first verbal conversation.I somehow believed that I had lost the chance to talk to her again.
I was getting bored.The train had picked speed.The Tamil guy  seemed to be a jolly guy.He was showing his dance moves on ‘Appadi Podu’ song.He wanted me to review his dancing skills.His moves were funny and amusing.I laughed like anything  after a long time and he tickled my funny bone for free.
‘Oh Man!! you are seriously hilarious,’ I laughed.
‘Ayyo..hilarious naaa??,’He questioned me.
‘I mean you are funny man,’ I laughed again and this time I could not control it. He  cheered my mood by his dance moves.
‘You know I was sad and depressed before coming here made me smile  and laugh..,’I shook hands with him.
‘I am Ganesh….Muthu Ganesh,’ He said with his typical Tamil accent.
‘I am Rahul Meher,’I smiled.
‘So Meher…why are you so sad?Tell me if you won’t mind sharing,’ He asked me.
‘Ahh!! nothing serious man…girlfriend is mad at me and won’t talking to me,’I winked at him.
‘Ayyo paawam ..Meher neenga,’ He said.
‘What does it means and call me Rahul,’ I asked.
‘It means I feel pity for you ..’
‘Keep trying Rahul and she will pick up your call one day..,’ He added.
‘Thanks Ganesh..’ I smiled.
‘Sar ,whats her name?,’ He interrogated.
‘Why..are you going to  search and add her on,’I joked to which we both laughed in unison.
‘No Rahul…just like that..but perhaps I think that you should try contacting her,’
‘The worst thing  in love is betrayal.I have my own experience of getting loved and lost.She loved my Profession and not me.I was  a Project Manager at Accenture and it attracted  many girls because they would look for the income and not the heart which loves them,adores them.I hate such  bitches.There was one such bitch who ditched me when I was jobless because of the great recession,’ His eyes were moist with tears.
‘Love the one who truly deserves you and loves you equally.Don’t go behind the voracious vixens whose eyes are  just focused on your wallet and salary slip,’ He heaved a sigh.
His thoughts were  quite real.One needs to ponder on those lines.I,however lied to him that Afreen was my girlfriend.
‘Her name is Afreen and  she lives in  Santacruz in Mumbai,’ I smiled.
‘Oh Santacruz aa, Rich girl she must be !,’ He wiped his tear cladden eyes.
Muthu Ganesh worked in a multinational company as a Program Manager.He resembled a goon to me.But I never cease to wonder how come Infosys hired such a  Manager.His tobacco stained teeth never made me  believe that he was working in a Multinational company and that too as a Program Manager.
‘Do you really work for Infosys?,’ I asked him to clear my doubts.
‘Yes I seriously can’t believe you Ganesh,’ I was perplexed.
‘Yes man I work for Infosys..I am going to India’s number 1 Dentist who lives in Delhi..Dr. Lingu Chamy,’ He laughed.
‘Don’t tell me you are going to a  Dentist who sits at Delhi just to clean your teeth…,’ I joined the laughter riot.
‘Offcourse ,I also have to meet my Business Analyst,’ He winked.
The train journey with Ganesh was memorable. I initially refused to acknowledge him when he opened a conversation but later on I realized that we both were like minded. We exchanged our numbers and promised to stay in touch. He urged me to talk to Afreen. He came out as a doctor to heal me from the depression which was injected in me because of Ankita.I felt good and thanked Ganesh for those doses of humour.
The train arrived at Delhi Railway Station at the scheduled time of  8.30 AM. I boarded the Delhi Metro to reach my home.I reached my home at 10.Rohini seemed to have transformed into a different location with great facilities.Delhi was looking  completely different.But by then I had started missing Mumbai.
I was in a good mood as I reached Delhi.Ganesh came as an angel to freed me from my sadness.As per his suggestions I tried calling Afreen again.
She never picked the phone call. ‘The Airtel you are trying to call is currently Busy..please try after some time,’ The IVR voice would say. I tried calling her  but after 10 attempts I gave up.
‘ Don’t you understand English? Do I say to you in Tamil,’ Afreen had texted me.
‘Yes ,please tell me in Tamil naaa…please Saar πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ,’ I replied her back.
‘Idiot πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ,’ She texted me  back after 2 min.
‘I am going to call you now πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ,’ I replied her through sms.
‘I am not going to attend your call you bet!:P πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ ,’ She texted  me back.
(To be continued..)

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