Story of Sathya

Even a small statement can ruin your life!!

 Disclaimer – This is a work of fiction and has no intentions of hurting anyone!!
Another story in “Ruin your Life” series.
Story of Sathya

We all know that small town actress Misbah Khan from Gaziabad whose infamous Butt Shake which rocked an award show at Mumbai.Different people had different views about her which later on got her fame.It was said that her youtube video of the Butt dance was viewed by 2 million people. Director James Cameroon saw that video too and came hunting for her all the way to India. He signed her for his latest movie. So this was the story of our very Pyaari Bahu actress Misbah Khan. This instigated me to write about her heroics and later on was compiled into the ruin your life series. Her story about the very famous butt shake can be read here.
She  had a very beautiful sister. Her name was Sarah Khan,daughter of Mir Alam Khan who owns a sweet shop in Mumbai. He alone lives in Mumbai selling Jalebis and hence many people at his village fondly addressed him as ‘Jalebi Bhai’. Sarah Khan was beautiful and she had a very appealing and charming personality.Her round face adored her look and her personality was defined by her brown eyes. She loved Indian attires and always had  braided hair. She was of average height and had a smiling face.She was too matured for her age.Every strength has some weakness too.Her weakness was Leonardo Caprio,the Titanic star. She was just 8 years old when Titanic was released. She fell in love with Leo since the day she saw the movie. She had a big craze for the handsome actor. It was said that she had seen Titanic umpteen times just for Leo. If Leo was a god,then she would pray and worship him.Such a die hard fan of Leonardo Caprio she was.  She had a neighbour who was 89 year old lady.She always used to like Sarah Khan. Once she happened to visit her house.
“Sarah beta…yeh kaunsa actor hai?(Sarah dear, which actor is this?),” The 89 year old woman asked Sarah. Although she was 89,her teeth were still intact. It had turned dark yellow because of the tabacco and guthka which she chew. She had hearing problem.
“Nai dadi..yeh Leo ka movie hai..Leonardo ka movie hai(No granny ,its Leonardo’s movie),” An innocent Sarah smiled at her 89 year old grumpy old neighbour.
“Kya Leodar(What Leodhar),” The old woman said.
“Yeh kaun hai(Who is he?),” She continued.
“Leodhar nai..Leo,” Sarah got vexed.
“Yeh toh mera Pati hai( He is my husband),” Sarah whispered into her ears.
Bewildered and Surprised,the old woman left for her home. She was supported by her son and daughter in law. Her daughter in law was a typical Indian Bahu. The old woman shared everything with her daughter in law. She told about Sarah’s so called self proclaimed husband to her.
“Kya Maa..yeh kya sachh hai (What? Is this true?),” A curious daughter in law asked her mother in law.
“Haan beti..usne hi kaha tha(yes she had told me),” The old woman replied.
Unfortunately there was a guy called Leodhar Alam in the small town of Gaziabad who lived in the same street as of Sarah Khan.Leodhar Alam was 6’1 tall and was a gem.He was handsome and admired by girls in Gaziabad.
“Mother,it is a big news.Sarah having affair with Leodhar,” The daughter in law gave a wicked smile. She shared this news with her friends.
“You know what our Sarah is having affairs with the plumber Leodhar,” She said to one of her friend.
“You know what Sarah and Leodhar are dating,” Her friends said to  their friends.
“I saw Sarah and Leodhar hanging out together,”  and many such rumours spread about her. Leodhar was a plumber who had a plumber shop. The news of the virtual affair between Sarah and Leodhar spread like wildfire.Eventually the entire  town spoke about them. But it was unfair that both Sarah and Leodhar didn’t knew about this.The Khan family got to know about this news and they were vexed at their daughter Sarah.
“What have you done Sarah?,” The angry Mir Alam Khan asked his daughter Sarah.
“Dad, I really don’t know anything about this …,” Sarah cried.
“Thats it…you have put us to shame ..we are getting you married to Leodhar Alam tomorrow itself,” Sarah’s parents said in unison.
She had a dream of being a very famous minister.She wanted to be the railway minister of the country and had dreams of looting lots of money.She always used to say  to her parents that she would take lots of bribes and will be one of the corrupt minister of the country. She saw her dreams fading away.She was going to get married to Leodhar Alam.
She wanted to say NO to her parents decision..but they were strict to her.One day she got married to Leodhar Alaam in presence of the entire  village. They didn’t live happily together.But she gave birth to twins and named them Leo1 Alam and Leo 2 Alam in tribute of  her favourite actor whom she loved.It was because of Sarah’s statement that her life changed drastically.For the one who saw dreams of living together with Leo and becoming a politician saw her life change.
Moral -Even a small statement can ruin your life

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