Story of Sathya

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Story of Sathya
So this time I have been tagged and awarded after a long time. I was tagged by Simu and have been awarded by Neha . Thanks for the honour girls.
Again few rules to be followed here~
Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you’ve done so.
Rule#4: Don’t tag anyone who’s been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others; don’t go all ”if you want to take this tag”.
11 Things about me.
1. I am an emotional person. I might boast off that I am not an emotional person but actually I am very emotional.
2. I openly brag about my flirting skills here and hence I proudly call myself as a flirtu
3.No one in my circle of trust and my family knows about my blogging skills. I have hidden it from my real world. So it means blogging is only for the virtual world
4. My parents wanted me to be a doctor but sadly or luckily I am an Engineer now.
5.Many girls adore my childish voice. But I really dislike my voice because my clients find it difficult to recognize and understand me.
6. I am a die hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket.So I really can’t take it when someone speaks malicious things about him.
7.I am very kind and benevolent person. I help people without second thoughts.
8. I trust people very easily. It is difficult but sadly I believe people very easily.
9. I am a short tempered person. I can easily lose my cool within  seconds. So its like I cannot take it when someone tries to get onto my nerves. I get vexed very soon.
10.My right part of the brain is quite functional and thats the reason why I am highly creative. Infact I consider it as a blessing.
11.Most of my stories under fiction tag are actually real stories which were shared by my friends.,
Questions asked by Simran.
1. The most beautiful moment you still rewind and cherish – The birth of my younger sister. Because at a time when I was feeling lonely I was blessed with the gift of my life in form of Anu.So certainly she is a pride possession for me.
2. The one thing you cannot ignore-  Caring about people whom I love and adore.
3. Do you believe in punishing or forgiving ? Why?- I believe in forgiving.It is difficult to forgive someone. Because I believe that little bit of advising could do wonders at times.
4. What/ Who motivates you to move on?- Appreciations and Encouragement  in any form.It may be related to anything.It actually kindles you to experience large.It teaches to embrace challenges.
5. Things that let you down – Constant frown on our loved ones face.Also any discouraging actions do let me down.
6. Favorite time of a day – Night anytime.
7. What gives you a real pleasure ?- Pleasure as in… Elaborate 😛
8. The best thing in you – I cannot rate one best thing.Infact all things in me are best.
9. The worst moment- The disgusting and depressing days of 2007 where I was down with some dangerous life threatening disease but later on I recovered rapidly.
10. Things that excites you- Shouldn’t Ans 4 answer this too. Awards offcourse,in any form whether it be at blogs ,office or any damn thing.
11. Any suggestion or advice for my blog-  Well you are an awesome blogger. You write well.
11 Questions from my side for people who have been tagged by me below .
1. What is the meaning of your name? Are you happy with it ? , If not  then would you like to change it and to what?
2. What is life if full of care?
3. So among Tom and Jerry whom do  you support considering the actions of both.?
4. If stranded alone in an Island with the one you love,  then what will you carry with you? Why?
5.If you were on a sinking ship with one who loves you a lot, and another who you love a lot… and could save only one, who would you save? why?
6. What are your goals in life?
7. Do you have any regrets in life?
8.One thing which you could change from your past or present?
9.What do you write?
10.What do you think about me?

11.Tell us 3 things about you that we don’t know, 3 things that would take us all completely by surprise?

So the 11 people who should take this tag are


Now for the second award. Thank you so much  Neha 🙂
Story of Sathya

The rules for this award are:
1. Add a picture of the award in your post.
2. Thank the award giver.
3. Share 7 random facts about you.
4. Choose 13 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated. 
About 7 Random facts about me  -> Read any 7 points from the 11 points from the  meme which I have completed above. PLEASE SPARE ME. I am an Engineer…So stupid  smart of me no 😀 😐


So Summer has arrived. Once again I am planning to start the Guest Posts on my blog.Will be showcasting  the other guest posts written by my dear Blogger friends this time. I was not able to post the GP’s written by them and so would be posting it this time. Additionally, I would like  to invite bloggers to write on my blog. I am planning to post the guest posts twice a month ( The first and the last week).  I have started the discussion on the Forum tab below the header of my blog. I have worked on my blog look. Kindly take your time and confirm your participation.

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