Story of Sathya

When I lost my friend on a friendship day!


Story of Sathya

A tear drop rolled down my cheeks as one of my dear friend informed me about the sad demise of my other friend whose friendship I cherished. That was August 7 ,2011 – the 1st Sunday of August Celebrated as the friendship day. Living far away from home and my group of close friends, I seemed to have been exiled from social life. Life seemed to have been deprived of happiness and as days passed I started lamenting over the wrong decision which I took to relocate to New Delhi for my first job. It was the worst decision of my life. It is rightly said that each indecision causes its own delays and days are lost lamenting over the lost days. The first 3 months after joining my organisation was full of fun. We toiled hard to score good marks. I observed the practical and realistic example of the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory conceptualized by Charles Darwin. Everyone strived hard to climb the success ladder and score exams with flying colours. It was during one such session that I met Raj. I was a part of 7 people who lived together in a 3 bhk flat near Model Colony, Pune as a single family. I tell you that it was the best moment of my life .Having spend my glorious and the happiest day of my life, I realized that I was determined to witness the exciting and the wonderful days of my life. My bond with fellow peers grew strong and stronger as days passed. I soon befriended many new people who turned on to be an integral part of my life.

Story of Sathya
This was during one Sunday after we flunked in Unix paper.I clicked this picture of his .He didn’t knew this ๐Ÿ™

It was during such days that I befriended Raj, an adventure loving humorous guy. His carefree and jaunty nature never ceased to amaze me. He was 2 years senior to us by age but he was one amongst us. Our group became friends with him. We used to go for movies and trip together even during those not-so-good days. This gentleman could be considered as the ‘Rancho’ character of 3 idiotโ€™s movie.  He never caused hurt or even try to hurt anyone by any mean. All that i knew about him was that he was a gem and a man with pure heart. He did things only to tickle your funny bone. He could make you laugh by sharing lame jokes and telling his adventure stories. Conversing with him will make you explore life. Live with him and you will thoroughly enjoy what life is all about. I have shared a good camaraderie with him during those 3 months. He would play pranks on me and make fun of my stories and blog. He would make people believe that all my stories on my blog are copy-pasted work from Google to which i would protest. He would send Santa-Banta jokes by changing Santa to his name and Banta to mine and forward that to our entire batch. When our bus treaded through the eerie dark paths of Mumbai, he would come to leave me home or rather call my father to pick me up. Such was the generosity and benevolent nature of my dear friend. When I reached home he would call me or text me asking if I reached home safely. It was because of his jovial and good nature that our entire batch prayed for him when he was on the verge of being thrown out from our Organisation due to non compliance with the rules. We somehow managed to convince our coordinator and Mentor and he was back in our organisation. We all loved him and moreover he loved us. We celebrated his 26th birthday in a grand way where I gifted a coffee mug with signatures of all our 7 roommates. I told him that this mug represented our friendship. He preserved it. Somehow I fail to understand why my friendship with him was short-lived. World seemed to have been shrunk when I was amongst the 2 to travel to New Delhi for project. 

Story of Sathya
Raj and Ajay!

Fear indeed plays a pivotal role in affecting a person psychologically and for a moment I was afraid of being expelled from the Organization. I took a brave decision to leave my loved ones for my own good. It was my batch mates along with Raj who strived hard to find replacements for me and my other friend. Sadly, all their attempts seemed futile and we bid adieu to the entire batch. Weeks before this send-off , I witnessed the presence of a beautiful damsel in a classroom where we were trained.She used to be from a different batch and they used to come to manikchand galleria for their trainings. It was Raj who was instrumental in introducing me to her and my friendship with her groomed to the highest level. She was my crush and indeed a wonderful like minded girl with whom i have been in constant touch throughout these 2 years. I remember the  Unix fiasco where me, Raj and Rohit had flunked. We somehow managed to study together and we seemed to have put a collective effort in clearing that exam with flying colors. That was the time when I had to stay back home alone in Pune. Our home was too spacious and large. Living alone in such a place could obviously scare you. I invited Rohit and Raj to stay that night and that was the time when we practised Unix programs. Such was the friendship.He jelled well with everyone whom he met. As I left for Delhi, he gifted me his rosary chain which he purchased from a church in Goa. He asked me to preserve it and keep it safe. It was a token of his friendship, a pride possession for me. I have never removed this Rosary bead chain in the last 2 years and I will never do that. During these 2 years, I used to visit Mumbai for a week or so. It was the time when India had marched into the finals of the Cricket world cup. They were playing Sri Lanka in the finals and I received a call from this gentleman who was talking of some jugad. He knew that I was introduced and have lots of VIP friends and so he told me if we could watch the cricket finals together. That was the day when I landed to Mumbai from Delhi. Jet lag and fatigue had taken a toll on my body. I wished to go with him but I never had time. It is the last memory of my deceased friend who left us all alone. It was on 7th August, 2011 when Ajay called me to inform me the sad death of our friend. His voice trembled as he spoke .I was shocked as I heard each word he said. It was only 2 days before his death that I had a word with him regarding our appraisals letters. How mysterious and unpredictable this life is. He was indeed a wonderful guy whose friendship I cherished. His entire being had universes to be discovered. He was drowned to death in a river near Pune because of some misadventures and that was a mysterious place.

His death reminded me of a status message of his.
“I won’t be satisfied if I die in a known place” 
Pray for our boy, brother and a best wonderful friend who meant a lot to us. I know you are happy somewhere in heaven and watching us. We love you bro and you always have a special place in our heart.

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