Story of Sathya

Deaf Gay & Lesbian Center

Disclaimer- This post is not intended to hurt anyone or any group of people.No Hard feelings. =)

Folks, Don’t go by the post title. Let me tell you that some thing great good is in the stores for you. Yesterday was a bad day for my friends.We lost a very good friend. Nevertheless lets forget it and life is all about moving ahead . So lets have some fun today. During my last release I came across something really different.I was speechless when I saw that.  During execution ,we have to prepare and search for  test accounts. So ,this time I was validating for the  Main Name Listing and was checking for some business accounts. I came across something like this. Just check  this out.

Story of Sathya

 Excuse me for the strike outs and red color in the image above  since this is actually prohibited. Company policies and restrictions are such a pain in the arse. You  need to adhere by it otherwise strict action would be taken against you. So I have removed the unwanted contents and highlighted the main part. Offcourse in our terms business accounts are followed by three trailing  hyphens. I read the name ‘ DEAF GAY & LESBIAN CENTER’ and looked at the trailing hyphens. WHAAAAAAAT … Business accounts and DGLC .. I pondered over for a while.Notified my Lead about this for a good laugh and we all laughed at it.He told me that it happens.There are some accounts which are too stupid.But yea, that is a real account and got to know from someone .SHHHH….My lips are sealed.After reading the  company name ,the Devil in my mind woke up. I wore my thinking cap to come out with something humorous after a long time. So , here goes my quest for finding the ultimate truth about the Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center.

So here are the few things which came in my mind.
1. Could it be some amusement or recreation center for Gays and Lesbians(will be reffered as G&L henceforth) Groups.
2.Could it be a Doctors Clinic for Deaf people and especially G& L  ?.
3.Could it be a rehab for G&L and such people who are thrown out of their home.

So,It was time to  scratch my brain like Mojo Jojo.

Story of Sathya

 G&L are terms which refer to people whose sexual orientations  are attracted to people of the same sex.So whats this all about,..Yeah I know Like poles repel each other.Thats what I  learnt in school but now its different. Who knows Like poles could attract each other.Roger it mate. During  development of human beings, God imbued some feelings in them.Men started liking women and vice versa. Things went …they got bored of their counter part and started like each other.What Rubbish!!! Not Rubbeeeeeeshhhhhh…..forget it…Lets not divert from our topic. So what is this Deaf G&L Center all about. I googled it and the results didn’t gave me what I was really looking for.Yes .. men can like men and women can like women…makes sense… oh yeah. But its ok because people do have feelings and there is nothing wrong in developing a thing for someone of their own sex.But its bad to hurt such people because its what they chose to be. I’m not mocking such group but thought of writing this.So what is the Deaf G&L Center all about …Can someone pelase tell me ……I’m perplexed… … Between did anyone even tell me that there was no humour in this post .. :p πŸ˜› πŸ˜› *burps*

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