Story of Sathya

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Story of Sathya

I see Skeletons in my closet. Everywhere I go I see  stack of sorrows replacing the bundle of joys in my life.Slowly my unsatiable thirst for excellence in life seems to be retiring.My talents seemed to have effaced.I fail to judge the right from the wrong and vice versa. My happiness seems to be dismantled part by part.Everything,everysingle bond seemed to be weakened.Reminiscing the past, memories seemed to be jaded and faded away. I’m jinxed no matter whoever cast an evil spell upon me. I’m knocking doors,someone hear me wail.I no longer see the irascible young man in me.

Melancholy overshadow the happiness in my life. It irks me. For a moment I feel myself swimming in a pool of sorrows. I seemed to have been drowned in negativity. I’m turning into a pesimist. I’m trying hard but I’m just turing hopeless.Nothings going my way. I’m distraughted and  never see anything right.My heart snaps. Why didn’t I listen to my heart cry when I prioritized the decision made by my mind. I’m a cribber to few of my comrades and a crybaby to my peers. I ask this life the reason for transforming me into a  dull character.I feel like I have given up. Is there anyone to listen me cry. You mock me but let me tell you that time is the wisest counsellor. I am a valiant warrior. Just like a wounded tiger ,I will rise back and reply you. Its just a matter of 5 months or 3 months precisely.I hate this  which snatched my friends,family and happiness.I am in a jungle all alone with all strangers around me. I’m alienating myself from this place…

PS – I’m not sad nor I’m low.These are the thoughts running in my mind.I won’t cry for no matter what. Men don’t cry.Requesting you for prayers .Love you all <3  *hugs*

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