Story of Sathya

228.When we met 5 ( last part)

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Story of Sathya

Three day long journey and a night out at Nlighten had severely affected my health.I woke up to the “twinkle twinkle little star” song which would not let me sleep.We all got up at the same time and all set to leave Kanika’s place.

“Jeet,you need our help,” Anurag said.
“Thanks,but I don’t need,”I replied him back.

“We will search Saya today and thats done,” Kan smiled.
“I don’t understand the logic guys. Why are you wasting your time for me?” I asked them.
“Well this is friendship my dear,” Kanika smiled again.
“Oh listen to my sometimes,”I got vexed.
“We are coming with you..”my friends screamed in unison.

“As you say guys,” I hugged them.
Now I realized that friends are an important part of our life.People may come and go and there may be time when everything might go wrong.Its these friends who stand by yourside to support you.Kanika,Parmeet,Neeraj and Anurag may be my old friends but we were inseparable. I still remember the day when I had to leave for Delhi to join AIMS.I had to leave them and we had made a promise that we will stay in touch through phone.There wasn’t a single day when Kan hadn’t called be.For a moment I would think if she had a crush on me.Few days later I came to know that our Kanika was in love with a marvadi boy of her caste.I love these guys.

“Hey Kan,what about your marvadi guy!,” I sighed
“Hmymph!oh yeah my marvadi pilot isn’t free for me dude….I sue Kingfishers,” She grimaced.
“Oh girl chill!”I soothed her.

I was not sure what their plan was and what all they were trying to do.I always loved to be in their company.But Delhi was special to me.I had my other gang in Delhi.Ishita,Sandy,Tapu and Andy were my friends for life.I was missing them like anything.

“Well whats our plan for the day?,” Kanika asked us.
“Ahem aur kya MISSION SAYA!,” we all screamed at the top of our voice.The watchman looked at us as if we were a group of crazy guys.

We reached Bandra at 10am. On my way I came across “VidyaMandir”.It was the same school where Kan and I did our schooling.It made me feel nostalgic.
We roamed entire Bandra for 4 hours.We came across the panipuri wallahs and the citizens of this beautiful city.It was  captivating and strange to know that Mumbai hadn’t changed.With a smile we went to search further.We had our lunch at the Sardar Restaurent.It was a cloudy day.For a moment I had completely forgotten about Maa.

I knew Maa would be searching for me since morning.Her eyes would be yearning to get a view of me.
My friends were tired and it was then we planned to enjoy bandstand.Bandstand is one of the prime localitions in Mumbai.It is special in its own way.It is  a home to many Bollywood celebrities.

The calm sea and the beautiful weather was a sight to see.As I turned aside ,I could see a tall slender girl with long hair.She was walking away from us.She was carrying a blue bag ,the same bag which Saya had carried. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.Finally the time had come.

“Sayaaaaa!!,” I screamed.But she didn’t listen.It was then we realized that it wasn’t the girl whom we were searching for.It was disappointing.

“Lets go,Maa would be worried,” I said and we all left for my place.

Finally at 5pm we reached home and Maa was delighted to see me.
“Maa,tu kamon achies(Mom,how are you),” I said to her.
“ami bhalo Jeet(I’m fine jeet),”Maa replied.

Maa was very happy to see me after a long time.I know how happy she would be if she knew that I was going to stay with her forever.
Momma hugged me and I just wished she didn’t read my mental state.It was a long evening.

My friends were watching TV at the drawing room and I was in kitchen assisting Mom in making Tea for all my friends.

“You know Jeet.I missed you very much,” Maa cried as she said these words. I wiped the tears from her eyes and promised her that I would not go back.

We all were sitting together and sharing our stories.I told Maa about my friends in Delhi.

“Maa,I forgot to ask you.I saw someone in my room,”I curiously asked Maa.

“Oh yeah,do you remember Pinky,the girl with whom you used to play when you were kid,” Maa smiled.

“Oh Maa,don’t say Pinky is here…I bet she must have grown tall and she must be beautiful,no” I said to my mother.

“Indeed…she is one of the prettiest woman I’ve seen,” Maa replied.

Maa soon called her to the drawing room.

“Sayantika meet my smarty boy Jeet,” Maa told.I could feel a rush of air brushing me.For a moment I thought that I had lost hope and she was my old buddy.She was the same Pinky with whom I shared most of my secrets.She was the girl whom I met on train.Saya was back.

“Hey Hi Saya …oops Pinky how are you?,” I winked at Sayantika.

“Hello Darr ke aage Jeet,” she replied.My friends started taunting me and they starting singing the “Saya” song.

My friends soon came to know that I had finally met the girl.

Meanwhile Maa was cooking food for us.We were gossiping and playing pranks.
“Saya,I got you back”,I smiled .

“Yeah Jeet,I told you that we will meet again”,she smiled back.

“Somethings cooking guyssss……….” Kanika and company were trying to taunt us.

She was someone whom I was pining to meet and I’d met.She was my love and yes she did accept me as a part of her life.It all started the day When We Met!.


I am extremely sorry guys.I know i am posting this after 1.5 years.Finally today got the time to complete the story. My other story will be posted soon.Keep waiting.Once again sincere apologies. Love you guys πŸ™‚
and do let me know how the story is.Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New year to all you out here. Love and wishing you guys that year 2011 will be even more blissful to you all πŸ™‚

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