Story of Sathya

224. Expect the unexpected ;-)

Unfortunately I had to encounter a sardar driver yesterday while going to my office. I was really pissed off at the fact that he would be dropping us to the office. And the worst case was that this guy had already annoyed me several times by doing stupid stuffs that turns me off. I hate sitting with the drivers especially when there are cute and pretty gorgeous delhi girls  travelling with you. I had to share the seat with this jerk driver of mine. So it all starts here.

This guy always had this strange habit of talking to his customers while travelling. May be he derives entertainment by irritating people who go by his cab.
Here is the conversation between both of us. The statements enclosed in brackets are something which I wanted to tell him but unfortunately couldn’t tell.

Driver: Sirji  where do you live?
Me: sec 18
Driver: Arey I mean  where are you basically from?
Me: (What the fck! is he going to come to my hometown). I’m from Jaunpur.
Driver: Where does that place falls ?
Me: ( what falls?) well it is in Berlin District .
Driver: And where is this Berlin district?
Me:It is in Gujurat near Hyderabad?
Driver: Really.
Me: (holy cow ,he believed it) hanji…  It is near Gujurat Rajastan border to be precise.
Driver: So ,if you say its in Rajastan then it falls under desert areas right.
Me: (Again falls,Sardar!!) Not necessary.We have a  place called Trivandrum which is near Gujurat and people there follow  agriculture.
Driver: Wow sirjee! achha tell me the speciality of  that place.
Me: ( he is not going to leave me until I answer him…Oh god please save me from him) Yar! Yes  people here eat vada pav quite frequently and they make idli and medu vada’s
Driver: wait wait…
Me: ( omg he caught me it seems ) hanjii
Driver: Idli’s are from Rajasthan?
Me: Yes absolutely
Driver: Oh wow. I want to visit your place then

Me: ( Oh god never let that happen) yes sure any time Veerji
Driver: where does your dad works?
Me : (what ? why is he asking me about my dad?) well he works for the goverment of India.
Driver:Oh good and what about your mother?
Me: ( thats it ) She is the UN general secretary’s assistant .
Driver: hmm some one is rich. What about your siblings?
Me: (now let me have some fun) My sister who is 13 yr old is doing her MBA from Howards University and my brother  is in New Zealand.
Driver: Brilliant. What does your brother does?
Me: He is the parliament speaker.
Driver: you are blessed with great people. Thank almighty
Me: ( oh thank you Allah ) * winks* yes.
At the same time  a girl crosses the road and she fails to notice our cab .Unfortunately she is talking to her boyfriend and our hero tries to abuse her.

Driver: hey chori …jaan pyari hai yaa phone pyari… < hey girle ! do you love your life more or your phone?>

These lines flashed in my mind. I’d heard this some where while I was in my Engineering days.
I remained stunned when I came to know that he was the same guy who had actually pestered me asking personal questions few years ago while I was travelling from Juhu to Vashi.

Strange I meet him again after 4 years and that too in New Delhi.

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