Story of Sathya

When V Met 4


Story of Sathya

“Well,Jeet,” she said with a straightface.
“I can’t stay here any longer,Aunty must be waiting for me,Bye, nice talking to you, ” Saya said and she left.
“I’m waiting for your reply ,Saya,wait,” I screamed. I even joined my hands for her.But she didn’t listen.

I was feeling low and depressed.
I’m a kind of person with a unique ability to make people around me happy even if they were deeply immersed in their sorrow.Today there was no one to make me smile.I was feeling lonely and disappointed.I don’t know why but I felt people around me back stabbed me.
I soon called up Kanika,my 12th std friend .
“Kanz,are you at home,” I said.
“Hey Jeet,yes I’m at home ,” she replied.
“I’m coming there,”I said .
“Ok,I’ll make something for you to eat,” she said and cut the phone.
I have met many people in my journey .There are many who impress you and create impact on your life.I’d met one such person in my life today.She was a stranger to me few hours ago.I thought I wanted to befriend her, but she preferred staying a stranger to me.
“Shaab,Regal Apts, aa gaya,” the taxi driver said.
“Thanks Bhaiiyaa!, ” I handed over the 100 Rs note to him.
“Ding Dong” I rang Kanika’s door bell.
“Hey Jeet,” she embraced me.
Kanika was amongst my best friend.I’d confessed everything to her since school days.She is my alter ego.We know each other since class 3.
“Hows Maa?Jeet you met Maa..,” she anxiously asked me.
“No Kan,I didn’t go to home ,”my voice went low.
“You sound low sweety,” she said and left for the kitchen to get something for me to eat.

I ate the samosa’s and drank the tea that she made for me.
“Call our gang,” I asked Kanika to call our friends .
“I feel like dancing today and yeah I want to get drunk as well,” I said .
“Jeet,Are you allright?you should talk to Maa,” she said.
“Do what I say?,” I grumbled.
She soon called Anurag,Parmeet,Neeraj and Ananya and asked them to join us at her home.
“Yaar,Ananya is engaged ,she can’t get out of her house at this time,guess its 11.45pm now,” Kanika said.
” Oh!! is it? woww!! will be fun,” I exclaimed.

“How is our Chondu?,” I was anxious to know about Parmeet.
“He is rocking with his new look,wait and watch,” she winked.

“Jeet,you hide behind the sofa,lets surprise them,”
They rang the door bell and I rushed towards the sofa.

“Kaniii,Ki haal hai tussi ,menu ithe raat kyun bulayi , ” Parmeet was a whimper since junior college days.He was irritated.I could very well recognise his typical punjabi accent.
“Get in guys,You know our friend Jeet is waiting for you,”Kanika smiled.
” Kamina Jeet!!,” the 3 boys said in unision .
This gesture scared me.
“God!the aankh band tapli, no way,” I tried to escape from the spot.

They came towards me and hugged me.Although I was expecting a ‘Ankh band Tapli ‘.
“Bhaoaaaaa ,” we all screamed in unison.

‘Yaar, I could hear Parmeet ,where is he hiding?,”I said.
“Tussi,Gajab yar,mein ithe khadha hun ,” I was amazed to see Parmeet without his trademark blue turban.
“Yaar,you look smart man,” I gave him a hard punch on his paunch.
“Lets go people.’N-Lighten’ would enlighten us,” Neeraj grinned.
On our way to the Pub,I told everything that happened on the train.
“Hymm!! our hero is in love with Saya,” Kanika smiled.
“Pyaar hua ,Ikraar huaa hai,” the 4 started singing with high volume.
“Chup yar, lets get it,lets get N-lightened,” I said.We all entered the pub. The disco jockey was playing some old hindi tracks.We persuaded him to play new latest remixes.We danced like mad.

” 2 bottles of Vodka,Ok, and yeah 1 beer ,” I ordered the bartender.
“Sure Sir,”He accepted my card.

Again we started dancing.Anurag was known as the ‘Babe Magnet’ during our junior college days.I remember the night when Anurag kissed a causcian semi dressed babe in front of Ananya and Kanika.
I laughed.
“See ,Anu, he is dancing like mad and whoz that chick,” I asked Kanika.
“Yeah,must be some bimboooo!!,”she replied.
We were just 16 then and 9 years later we were back to the same place .
Story of Sathya

It was 3.45 am when we left the pub.
“Yar,don’t worry ,we will search her today itself,” my punter gang said to me.
“Oh!! Saya,Oh Saya,why did you leave my friend alone?,” Anurag said.We all were high.We all sought shelter at Kanika’s place.

” Pussy Cay,Pussy Cat,” I heard some noise early morning.It was Kanika’s clock singing the rhyme.It was 6 20am .
“What a jerk?,” I reacted after listening to Kanika’s alarm clock and  I turned  it and I  slept again

Story of Sathya

 to be continued…

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