Story of Sathya

When V Met -3

**All characters are imaginary
Continued from When V Met -2

Story of Sathya

“Hey! What happened Saya?,” my eyes nictated.
“How was the 3rd priest murdered?You know?,” She was curious to know the mystery.It seems her friend Hansika gave her the book with few pages torn.

“No Sorry,I’m not a novel guy ,” I said
“Jeet,did I disturb you?,” She smiled.
“Not at all,” I rubbed my eyes once again.
She thought for a while and spoke something strange about a stranger and trust me it was really something interesting.
‘I suggest you read Kajal Singh ‘s blog ,” she said to me.
It made me wonder why she said this,although I told her that I was not interested in writing.
“She writes well and the way she presents her life through her articles are amazing ,she is the pink orchid you see,” she added.
I asked her if Kajal Singh was a writer .Later on she told me that she was a management student and a prolific writer who was allset to publish her book.She logged into her laptop and opened Kajal Singh’s blog. I was asked to read few articles of her. I was simply amazed at the way she expressed her thoughts and frown.But ,the last few post of hers were amazing ,a happy article and I admit that she is a gem of a writer.

“Isn’t she amazing?”she asked me.
“Oh yeah! but these blog stuffs bore me,” I replied.
“I am her fan and I want to meet her in person,” she said.
“Yeah ,then say my hi to her whenever you meet her ,” I said.

The train halted at Indore .An announcement was made that the train will remain stationary at Indore Junction for around 20 min .We both got down and hunted for fruit stalls.
“Bhaiiyaa, grapes kitne mein denge,” she purchased a kg of grapes.
‘Ahh! let it be I will pay,” I handed over the 50 Rs note to the shopkeeper.

I asked her to go inside the train and I went to buy few bisleri bottles.
The train unexpectedly started moving 10 minutes early. It almost left. Saya scanned through the entire S3 compartment in search of me.She got upset and worried for once.I was watching her from the neighbours seat.She got up to pull the emergency chain.
“Hey! Stop re!,” I asked her to stop her act of pulling the chain.
“Glad that you are here ,” she asserted .
“You missed me,is it?,” I asked her casually.
“Umm! could say,”she winked.
We got into a casual conversation for a while.
“What is Life?,”I asked her.
“Life is a mixture of good and bad experiences life all abt experiencing, living and moving forward with them, you see,”She smiled.
“What happens when you go through the rough patches of life?,” I asked her
” You learn through life ,they are the tests needed to move forward..they r the best teachers and what else you could do,” she added
I was impressed with her replies and it was then I realized that it was a side effect of reading Kajal Singh’s blog.During this chat,we forgot the time and later on we realized that we spoke for more than 3 hours and the train reached Vadodra at 4 pm . We were told that due to a technical problem the train will halt at Vadodra for around 1 hour.
We both got down and scanned the entire station in search of some good food items.Her eyes soon spotted a yellow colored dish.

“What is this ,Kaka ?,”she asked the person in charge of the shop.
“Dhokla hai !! ,” he replied.
We ate the delicious dhokla’s and loved it.
“Umm !! Guju dishes are simply awesome.,” she said.
“May be ,but it can ‘t be compared to Gulab Jamuns and Rasgullas,” I smiled.
We walked along the railway station for another 15 minutes till she got a glance of a 8 yr old boy who was seriously injured with and left with blood stains all around his body.
She rushed towards him and I followed her.She took her duppatta and wiped all the blood marks from his body.She got him something to eat and she took her purse and handed over the 100 Rs note to him.
“Shukriya Didi( Thanks sister) ,” the boy smiled.

Story of Sathya

I stared at her and was amazed . Why on earth would someone give 100 bucks to a stranger? .I asked her this question and in reply she asked me to look at the little boys face.

“This is the smile that I want from this chottu,” she smiled.I kept looking at her and was proud of this benevolent .We both soon left for the train which started in 5 minutes.
She once again logged into her laptop and was going through few technical sites and I was busy peeping outside the window.
Finally the train reached CST Station at 9 pm.
“Saya,our Journey has come to an end,so can I ask you something?,”I said with a smile.
“Go,on Jeet, “ she said.
“What is Love?,” I asked her .
“Love is something which can never be defined in words,its a feeling its a emotion which is beyond expression,” She said.
I was once again impressed with the answer . We got down and checked if we had all our belongings.
“I think I fell for you,I love you Saya ,” I said to her with a smile.
“I loved the way you treat people,I loved your generosity ,your humbleness, your attitude,your love for writings, your smile and moreover you,” I added.

“Well,Jeet,” she said with a straightface.

( To be continued ..)

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