Story of Sathya

When V Met -2

**All characters are imaginary.
Continued from When V Met -1

Story of Sathya

“Achha take a sip”, a girl of around 22 handed over a Bisleri bottle to me. I soon grabbed the bottle from her hand and drank the water hastily.I even failed to take a note of people around me.I feared that they were having a good time with all my funny gestures and actions.
“Thanks ,” I said and I started peeping outside the window .I didn’t look at her face . She was reading “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown and I was busy looking outside the window.

My eyes soon grabbed the attention of her angelic eyes and I was looking at her for a while. She was busy reading the novel. Thanks to Dan Brown.My eyes looked at her without a blink.I stared at her for another 1 hour .But as she looked at me,I would once again look outside the window. Her seat number was 55 and she sat opposite to me.It was 1 am and I slept.Normaly we used to party around till 4 am and stay back at Tappu ‘s place. So sleeping at 1am was way too early for me. She was reclining on the lower berth opposite to me.She was alone and so was I.Her alluring cheeks and her seraphic smile attracted me.I had seen her for the first time, but she killed me with her looks and beauty.

When the sunshined early in the morning,I looked at her seat but she wasn’t there.My eyes scanned through the entire boggie to get a view of the girl,but it failed in the process. With a frown on my face,I ate the lemon rice that I brought from the Ratlam railway station.I was upset and I could not eat properly.15 Minutes later , she arrived at her seat numbered 55. With her arrival , my lost smile came back and my frown vanished. “Yays!!”, I felt like jumping.I could see a supermodel hiding within her. She had long hairs and some how made me feel that she was a bong too.She was as tall as me. I just looked at her sandals,if the heels were the reason for her height. When she looked at me , I gave her a big grin like a shameless.I didn’t had the courage to utter a word.

“hii,” she said to me.
I looked aside to see if she was addressing some one else. I gave a deaf ear to her.
“Well, guess people say ‘hello’ when some one greets them,” and she smiled.
I once again looked aside as I coud not believe that she was talking to me. I pinched myself and yes it wasn’t a dream.
“Saya,here,” She said with a trademark smile on her face.
“Oh!! Saya,Oh ! Saya!,” I started singing relatively with a loud voice .
“Stop!,Stop!,” she whispered to me as everyone was looking at both of us.
“Why ? its such a beautiful song from Slumdog Millionaire,the best movie you see,” I asserted
“Its embarassing,its my name and you are creating a turmoil,” she said.
“Any way,Jeet here,” I smiled and we both shook our hands.

“Oh!you are the mountain dew wala Jeet… that Darr ke aage Jeet guy,” She cracked a joke.

Story of Sathya

“No.I’m Jeet Chatterjee,”I  said .

“Nice name.Where are you going?,” She asked me.
“To my home,Saya,” I replied back
“Woww!! what an answer?,”she winked
“I mean I completed my Medicine from AIMS and returning back to Mumbai,”I answered .
“Wow!! So I am talking to a doctor, and yes I have completed my Engineering in Electronics and will be joining TechMahindra in due course,” she said.
“Hymph! an Engineer and aDoctor here ,” I winked at her.
“Are you from Mumbai?,” I eagerly asked her.
“No not exactly , I am from Kolkatta and I am going to live with my Mom’s friend Vaishali in Bandra,” she said.
” So,you a bong?” I asked her.
“Yes , you too?”she was amazed as I spoke in bengali.
“I guess you are a passout; aren’t you?,” I interrogated her.
“Naa, I’m not,”
She replied
“I worked in Mastek for two years, the great recession you see and I got fired ,” she smiled.
Now,I was curious to know her age.
“I thought you were 22,”I winked.
“Ahem! I’m 25 and my date of birth is 24th May ,1984” She gave a smile.
I was flabbergasted and surprised . We both shared the same birth date. I told her about this and she was happy too.

We remained silent for a while.I ate my lunch and slept for a while
It was 4pm and she was busy ready the novel.
“Oh! God!What the fuck is this?” She screamed at the top of her voice.I got up off a sudden wondering what happened to her.
I rubbed my eyes and wanted to know what went wrong.
“Hey Jeet!I want to ask you something,” she said.

(To be continued…)

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