Story of Sathya

When V Met -1

**All characters in this story are imaginary

Story of Sathya
I was going back to Mumbai from Delhi. My 6 years tryst with “AIIMS” just ended and I was allset to board the Mumbai Express. When I was born, my parents envisioned me as a doctor in future. Some how this happened after 24 years. Today I can proudly and officially call me as a doctor.
“Mumbai ke liye ravana honewali 6464 ki Mumbai Express platform kramank 5 par aa rahi hai”, The announcement was made and I left for the train.This was not my first train journey and each time my bond with the same is no different. But, this time I was feeling a bit nostalgic as I was about to meet Maa after 2 years. Life has completely changed for me. I remember my first day in my junior college in Mumbai where I was tormentted by my so called “seniors” who asked me to sing a song. I stuttered and was nervous, may be I considered it as a singing competition. That was a different scene altogether. A silent shy kid of 17 eventually transformed into a thug like person. I remember ragging Nisha when we were in 12th class. We made her swim on the floor. I guess that was the worst thing that we had ever done to any one in my life. During these years,I still feel my Maa’s presence.
After Paa’s death,I know how difficult it would be for Maa to raise me up and fullfill dads dream to see me as a doctor.Thanks to Paa ‘s Central goverment job.Life without a companion is like a rudderless boat.She sacrificed her entire life for me. Then I went on to clear my entrance exam and secured a seat in’AIIMS’.
Today I was leaving my gang forever.I am returning back to my nest. I don’t know how my gang would react to this.Piyu almost drenched in tears.Ishi,Tappu,Ajay and Rahul exhibited the frown on their face. We 7 have created a unique bond in this span of 6 years.However ,I miss my roomies Andy and Sandy the most. Sandy always used to say”After our studies gets over, I will miss you like anything”.That was my roomie Sandeep Walia, my alter ego who knew me for half a decade.

“Jeet!! Listen we are meeting up on 23rd May at Piyali ‘s place ,” Ishita screamed as she bid me the final adieu.
“Bye!! Jeet!!,” Piyu,Ishi, Ajay Rahul and Tappa screamed in Unison.
I’ve met many people in train journey through whom I see my best buddies .
When any one meets me for the first time wonders if something is wrong with me. “INSANE” is the word that best suits me.I love cracking insane jokes. I still remember the so called “insane ” news that me and Sandy spread during our college days. “Ishita caught with Akshali in her bedroom,” we scribbled this line on our anatomy classroom. Akshali was one of the enemies of Ishi.This news soon spread as a wildfire and every one in our class started addressing both of them as “Lesbians “.“Jeet and Sandy !! I will kill both of you for this ,” used to be her trademark dialogue everytime we misbehaved.
“Haha,Ishi your Akshali is waiting for you in your bedroom,” I sniggered.

“Uff!!Jeet,just wait till I get a bengali bitch for you,” She used to say everytime I cracked a joke on her.

“Kaka,yeh 57 seat number yahi hai naa” (Uncle!! is this seat number 57?) , I asked a stranger.
” Han ,yahi hai ” he replied.
It was a 3 days journey to Mumbai.By the time , I arranged my bags on the shelf I realized that it was already 11 pm. I unpacked the gifts that Piyu ,my bestie presented me. It was a pen, a gold coated pen with a silver cap. From its appearance ,I realized that it was an expensive item.“Umm!!,” my eyes soon grabbed the attention of the Paratha ‘s that Ishita’s mom gave me.I rolled it and ate it hastily just as we used to do in our college canteen.And of a sudden I started coughing and whooping.Every one looked at me.
“Achha take a sip”, a girl of around 22 handed over a Bisleri bottle to me..

(To be continued…)

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