Story of Sathya

The ‘Supermodel’ bride 2

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction which is based purely on the Writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead.The images used in the story are borrowed from DEVIANTART. The individuals in the images have nothing to do with the story.It is just used for imagination .

Story of Sathya“Someone please save me,” was my reaction at that time as I was aware of the consequences.
Mumma was a 100% Indian mother.She disliked and abhored Western cultures although she lived in US for 4 years.I remember how Mumma scolded Sheetal dii 7 years ago for going out in western outfit. It was the first time ,I’d seen mumma scolding diii.Sheetal dii didn’t spoke to mumma for a week.Later on diii realized her mistakes as mumma told her everything about our culture and tradition.
I was a bit skeptical that mom would not accept Swati as her bahu after seeing her semi dressed picture.

“why on Earth did you select such a girl ?,” Mumma was angry on me.
“Maa,have a sip of water!,” I asked my mom to drink a glass of water.
“That girl seems to be a bimboo,” she said.
“Enough Maa, this is too much,” I was agitated.

“Beta,stay away from the vixen ,she is not from a cultured family,” she added.
“Mom , aisa nahi maa,” I said.
“She is a a nice person Maa,just that she has to do such things because her profession demands,” I added.

“Ehh!! why would a woman bare for her profession, silly,” mumma replied.
“No Mom,this is 21st century.Just meet her and you would know that she is a pure gem,”I smiled.

“Mumma , say yes ,” I pleaded.
Mumma remained silent .She thought for a while.She said that she would personally interview Swati.
“God,abh yeh kyaaa,” I said to myself.
“Beta ,tell me if its ok with you,” Mumma smiled.
“I will decide only after I meet her,” she added.

“Ok,Maa.Shart Manzoor,”I said and left for my room.
I soon called Swati to inform about this interview.
“What?your mother wants to interview me,” She said on phone .
” Yes ,sweety.Actually she saw you ‘VICT secret ‘ lingerie ad on Aaj TAK, ” I said.
“God!thats really bad ,”she said.
“Come tommorow at 6 pm and yeah come in Saree if possible,” I said.
“Yes,I will,” she said and cut the phone.

I was tensed as it was an important day for me as well.I really wonder if such is the life of a model. I don’t even know how mumma will react if she gets to see Swati’s facebook album.She might slap her hard.Swati reached our home sharp at 6 pm.

she came closer to hug me.
“Shhh!.mumma is here ,” I said to Swati.

Story of SathyaI introduced Swati to my mother.
“Hello ,Aunty jii!,” she smiled.
Mumma looked at me in disdain.
“Swatz,touch her feet,” I whispered on to her ears.
“Achha Ok, ” she smiled and touched her own feet.
“Dumbo, not your feet,mumma’s feet,” I muttered.
“Bless me Aunty,” she touched my Mumma’s feet.

“Jeete raho beta,” Maa acknowledged her.
“Today you look different than what I saw you the other day,”mumma said with a straight face.
“Yes Aunty,thats my career.Have to do this for life,” Swati smiled.

I was seated at the sofa and following the conversation between my Mom and my girlfriend.

“Why did you select Modelling ?,”
mumma asked her.
“It was my dream since childhood.I don’t know why,but I love this thing,” she said.

“So what will I say when in future people tell me that they have seen my bahu in bikini’s,” Mumma was curiously waiting for Swati’s answer.

“Well sometimes Ignorance is a bliss,”Swati replied.
“Its sometimes better to stay away from malicious people” she added.
I was impressed with this answer and I whistled and clapped.
“Ani,Shhh!!,” Mumma said .
“Do you think I will accept you as my Bahu?,” Mumma asked her.
“I really don’t know Aunty jii,” Swati smiled.
“You should be knowing this ‘Supermodel’ madam,” Mumma winked.
“I won’t accept you as my Bahu,” Mumma said.

It brought tears onto my eyes. Swati’s eyes turned moist too.
“Well,I would accept you as a ‘Super Bahu’,” Mumma laughed.
I could not believe my ears. She soon called me towards her.
She touched my face.
“Beti,this naughty boy’s happiness is my happiness,” Mumma said.
“I’m ready to do anything for my Son ,” she added.
“Mumma,I love you,” I hugged my mother.
We both sought blessings from Mom.
“Jeete raho ,” she blessed us.
“Wait I’ll make coffee for my bahu,” mumma left for kitchen.
“Aunty,I’ll make it naa,” Swati interrupted maa.

“You are my guest,I can very well manage,” Mumma said.
“Ghosh! everything fine now,” Swati said.

“Yes ,you impressed Mumma,”I winked.
“Vaise you look sexy in Saree as well,”I said.
“Thank you Sir,” she winked.

“Won’t you kiss me for this compliment,make it 1000 sweetz,” I grinned.
“Hawww!999 kisses till now and our 1000th will be after our marriage,” She said.
“Very bad,” I tickled her.
“You’re very naughty Ani,” she laughed as I tickled her.

Story of Sathya
This was how my ‘Supermodel’ girlfriend transformed into a ‘Superbahu’

—————-END ————-

Dear Friends,
I started this story with the intention of writing something.Eventually it got transformed into a plot.I’m overwhelmed by your response and your support.I never realized that I would write part 2 for this supermodel bride story.Thanks .Hope you Cherish all my work.
When V Met 5 will be posted soon. Love you all . .

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