Story of Sathya

A patch of dirt….

I sit in a dark room pondering,
nursing the brute’s wounds.
For once they were close to me,
and now they are far away.
I helped them,loved them,
Alas! they were malefic.
They laughed and jested,
making me a pun in hand.
Why people are so mean?
I don’t know ,but I feel people are mean.
Together we lived,together we shared,
but NOW its all past.
For once,they were good to me,
but now they have changed forever.
My past were glorious,
But,my present is worse.
Isolation is what I feel now,
for once we cherished life together.
Wash away the dirt,
for I lived with patches of dirt.

I would like to thank my blogger friends Gauri and Valencia for the awards
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