Story of Sathya

Navigating the River of Life:Reflections on Hope, Time, and Uncertainty

Exploring the River of Life

Story of Sathya

Along the river’s flow, I drift,
Lost in its timeless current,
Not knowing what lies ahead,
I journey to uncharted regions.

With time, like the river’s flow,
I move forward, ever on,
Floundering fish, wounded Lion, and a hurt human,
Together we share a bond.

In hope, we cling to life,
Though negatives may seem to rule,
But even two negatives can make a positive,
As we navigate this river’s pool.

Some change with time’s relentless pace,
While others stay stuck in their ways,
It’s like a loop that swallows all,
And time, they say, can heal us all.

Yet, do we find solace in its grace?
Does time truly have the power to heal?
Only time will tell, as we navigate,
The river of life, its twists and turns, so real.

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