Story of Sathya

23rd February to 27th February…

As everyone knows that 27th Februaury was an important day in my life.27th February was also associated with some direct or indirect link with 23rd and 24th of February.Now ,you must be wondering what this 23,24 and 27 means.Well ,let me brief you about 3 important days in my life in this year.Also ,20th February was an important day as it was the day where it all started.These dates were associated with my placement activities. The placements in my college started from the 20th of February.

20th February

It was a big day for us,indeed a special occasion for us.Infosys was visiting our campus.All students came well dressed.One could see Rahul Jaithwar with a handsome look and he was well dressed just like a professional Software Engineer.There were many other IT,Electronics and EXTC people as well who were just waiting outside the seminar hall where the test was to be conducted.We all gave our exams and at 2 pm results were declared.I didn’t had any intention of getting selected in Infosys.71 students cleared aptitude of which few of my good friends made a peak in interview like Prashant Pandey,Abhishek Dey,Subbu and many other students of ‘A’ division. From the 71 students ,51 were selected in Infosys which included my other friends like Sridhar Rao,Rahul Murkya,Sujeet Jose,Ravi Singh and Abhishek Dey.Prashant failed to clear the interview and he was out.Our TPO informed us that Accenture was supposed to conduct a joint campus selection on 23rd February,2008.My first reaction after Infosys failure was “What the f***?,I am not into those 71 people,shame on me,”.I just wanted to make use of the next opportunity.

23rd February

Finally, we arrived at the Pillay Institute of Technoloy,Panvel.It was Accenture this time.I was shocked to see many students .They were groups of Engineering students from colleges all over Navi Mumbai and Thane side. I could see friends from my college like Varun Iyer,Rahul Jaithwar, RD, Mayuresh Trivedi,Shankar,Dave,Anthony,Prashant Pandey,Mervin Salis and my school friend Deepak Chandrashekhar.The whole session wasn’t well organized and we gave our aptitude test at 1 pm despite of the stated time 10 am.We have to wait another 6 hours for the result.The results were declared at 6.30pm.My name was in the 11th group.”Yippie!!,’ was my first reaction.I then went on to clear my GD.GD was a piece of cake for me.My hr handed the card to me and invited me for the next 2 rounds which was to be held the other day.I finally reached home at around 12.35 am just to see that my Mom and my Sister were worried regarding me.My phone was out of charge as well. I just had 4 hours to prepare my self for the technical concepts.I brushed my concepts and went to the same college the next day.

24th February

I could see Hitesh,RD,Varun,Akeel and few of my other Extc friends from my college.I was placed in the same group along with my classmate Akeel.I successfully cleared my HR interview.The other groups had their Technical interview at first.I made many new friends like Vinit,Ashu and so.After a long wait for around 4 hours ,our technical interview started at around 4 pm.When Akeel came out,he was so displeased just to say that he couldn’t clear the technical.It was my turn ,I was nervous .I had taked my own time to adjust through .The interviewer asked me everything from C,C++,Java,Data Structures to HTML.He even didn’t spared mathematics.He asked me about Langrange’s Theorem.He finally asked me to write a program for matrix addition.I was not considerate about the time factor,but I explained the same to him.Later on the informer came to inform that I was rejected.It made my heart break into pieces,my hopes were shattered.I turned back for home.I switched off my cellphone.I could not see my granny’s hopes shattered.I just later on informed my maa that I wasn’t selected.Mom told me to stay cool and asked me to perform well in next companies.I worked hard for Techmahindra.I never went to college on 25th and 26th February.I was getting ready for the 27th .But Accenture had taught me a lesson on how to take steps in life.I was vexed that day and deeply hurt.I felt low and depressed.I was angry on myself and there was no one to support and provide me solace.My best friend Parul supported and encouraged me .She wished me luck and I consider myself to be very lucky for having a friend like her.I started working hard.

27th February

Once again,I could see Mayuresh Trivedi,Prashant ,Bhushan and Sandeep Repswal.This time Rahul Jaithwar was not on the scene.We had our presentation at 9 am and test started at 10.30am.It was an online test.The results were declared 5 minutes after our exams.I was selected.We were then asked to prepare ourself for Technical and HR interview.My code was TM50.I went for my interview.

She:welcome Stephen.
Me:Thank you madam.
She:So tell me about yourself.
Me: ( I told everything about me).
She: What do you know about Techmahindra?
Me: I told whatever I knew about techmahindra.
She: that’s good,tell me whats the difference between C and C++ ?
Me: (I told everything I knew.)
She:Tell me about your academic project.
Me: (I told her about my PCT project).
She: your resume says that you write stories,can u tell me any story of yours?
Me: ( I told her about the little Sam story that I wrote when I was 14, she was impressed )
She: Stephen,you are very creative.
Me:thank you mam.
She: do you have any questions?
Me:What type of jobs will be assigned to us?
She: ( she gave us all details)

And then I left.She was impressed with me.We then headed for our HR interview.It was really fun and a tensed moment there.I was interviewed by 2 HR’s .I will tell all the happenings in a separate post in few weeks time.Finally,at 5.30 pm,the results were about to be announced.We gathered in a classroom.Our Principal,HOD and our TPO could be seen in the picture. The HR Mr.Swapnil played a prank on us.He told us that only 2 of us were selected and he would announce the name of the rejected candidates first.He asked the rejected people to get seated on a separate row.I was shocked as the list contained my name.He said

“The following are the students who are not being selected

Sandeep Repswal,Jobin Jacob ,Stephen Anthony,Prashant Pandey,Mayuresh ,Ajay Bhondve,Omkar and so on.The above people are…….wwwwwilllllllll be joining us at TechMahindra next year.” We were all happy and we were overjoyed.Mayuresh was the happiest of all.We all embraced each other and wished each other.It was a special occasion for us.I soon informed my parents about my selection in Techmahindra.I was very happy that day.27th February was the day and now its 9 months gone.On 27th September ,it will be 9 months after getting place.

I felt sorry for Bhushan that day.I wished he would make it ,but he didn’t .But,recently he got selected in Cap Gemini.But I am sure that my other friends would get selected too.

Now ,I present Shruti,Valencia and Gauri with the following award called “I love your blog”

Story of Sathya

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