Story of Sathya

Every time you smile..

Story of Sathya
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Every time you smile
my heart skips a beat
my mind wanders
with thoughts about you
a life of togetherness
it dreams, it hopes
Every time you smile
I transform into a butterfly,
flying  from one flower to another
to find the best one for you
No flower stands even close
to your beauty, your elegance,
Every time you smile,
I plunge deep into the ocean
the ocean of love
that embraces me when I see you
Smile often for me
I want to get drowned in it
Every time you smile,
an imaginary wings gets attached to me
I feel like a little bird
and garble around carelessly
Smile and make this bird
fly high in the sky
Every time you smile.
I find myself in it
Smile for me,
your smile haunts me,
Arrests me.
get me caged in your life.
I will  die watching you smile!
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