Story of Sathya

Drifting apart

Story of Sathya
We live in this world where
the sky unites us
and the oceans divide us
the birds no longer sing
just like my precious, you stopped smiling
your smile is my fuel to happiness
I can’t tell you how it feels like
With the flash of a second,
our bond crippled, jaded and faded
I am sinking in the ocean of melancholia
My hello was once a reason for your smile
but now it follows an awkward silence
Strange, this  pattern disgusts me
the ship has been gulped by the ocean
the hungry shark has chewed the sailor
our dalliance shredded with time
hear my heart cry a loud shrill
watch my thoughts bleed
Beauty with no admiration may be a sin
you’d cleansed my sins and made me pure
I find this hard to write, but you made it easy
A songbird that I am turning into
It may make no sense to you, but anyways!
this is meant for you, only you
Listen close, see yourself, you are drifting apart

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