Story of Sathya

Know the dreams of the dreamer

the dreams of the dreamer

The Dreamer

A Solitary wanderer,
in the pursuit of comrades,
A vagabond wandering,
in search of happy souls.
A dreamer who dreams of,
nightmares that haunt, and hurts,
An abhorrent past, I nurse,
desires a grand future,
A dreamer that I am,
with fake dreams,
I desire a day, but,
the darkness beckons,
The quest of Numero Uno,
but my dreams patrol me,
I am a thinker,
drifting away and apart,
A fake sage, a zilch,
A devils workshop, an ideal mind,
Of all the malicious beings,
backstabbers, spewing pain,
Know the dreams of the dreamer

A lonely soul,
whining all the way,
Running for the gold,
I fall back in the race,
With an eye full of dreams,
reaching the zenith,
But dreaming won’t help,
for once I decide not to dream,
Life is short,
but dreams are big,
Work hard with no dreams,
Toil hard, don’t give up,
Just like a little sparrow,
Touch the sky,
which is so high.
But first make a try ,
and then you will fly
high in the sky.

The Solitary Writer
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