Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 14)

‘Hello brother,’ Archana gave Ram a wicked smile.
‘Now what? ‘asked Ram.
‘I want a mobile phone,’ asked she.
‘Ok, I will give you 2000 bucks and you get a mobile phone,’ said Ram with a smile on his face.
‘2 000,’ Archana laughed.
‘I want to make better use of you, not 2000, I want N95,’ said she.
‘What N95? It costs more than 20000,’ said Ram.
‘So what, I need it,’ said she.
‘My salary is 23 grands and you expect me to shell 20000 for you,’ Ram was angry for once.
‘You dumb creature, bloody bitch’ shouted he.
‘Ok, I will speak to Mom and Dad regarding you and your girlfriend. Please don’t abuse your sister dude’ said she.
‘Ok, go and say, get lost,’ said Ram.
She was angry and told everything to her parents. Her parents did not believe at first and they decided to ask Ram.
‘Appa, Ram has a girlfriend,’ screamed Archana.
‘What?’ Ravi was confused.
‘Are you sure, dear,’ Ravi said.
‘Yes, dad 100% sure, lock it,’ Archana winked.
‘We are not playing KBC dear, am serious,’ Ravi showed a straight face to his daughter.
‘Yes dad,’ Archana added.
‘Rammm!’ Ravi shouted and Ram came rushing.
‘Yes dad,’ Ram came soon.
Ram believed that his sister had told everything to  dad. He was worried for once. He was afraid of his dad. He was embarrassed and could not face his dad.
‘Your sister says that you have a girlfriend,’ Ravi asked him.
‘Yes dad,’ Ram said.
‘Ahaan! My son is improving day by day, that’s good my boy,’ Ravi added.
‘Who is that lucky girl?’ asked Ravi.
Archana was not happy with her dad. She believed that Ram would be caught red handed and it was a mess of all her plan. It was a flop show. She never expected her father to behave in such a way.
‘She is my office friend,’ said Ram.
‘Her name is Parul,’ Ram added.
‘Oh!’ exclaimed Ravi.
‘Does she belong to our caste?’  Ravi asked.
‘No dad, she is a Hindu girl from North India,’ said Ram.
‘I want to marry her dad,’ said he.
‘Well we don’t have any objections,’ said Shyama.
‘Our son’s happiness is our happiness,’ smiled she.
Archana’s face went red and she was very angry and she left the place soon.
‘Well tell me more about her family,’ said Ravi.
‘She is the only daughter of industrialist Ajay Sinha,’said He.
‘She seems to be a rich girl, will they accept our proposal for your marriage with her,’ asked Ravi.
‘She will talk to her dad,’ said Ram.
Soon he left for his room .He was very happy  .Meanwhile Archana was reading “Five point some one” novel.
‘Thank you   sister,’ Ram was very happy.
Archana felt irksome and could not sustain the stupidity of her parents.
‘Don’t worry you will get your N95 soon,’ Ram winked.
‘Really,’ Archana was amazed.
‘Yes, pakka yaar,’ said he.
‘Thank you, brother,’Archie was very happy .Even she supported her brother now and the main cause for doing that was N95 mobile phone.

(to be continued)

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