Story of Sathya

The Fourth Seat 4

shu was very happy that finally she got in contact with her best friend.But she was upset as she knew Rahul as her friend ,but unfortunately Rahul didnt knew her as a childhood friend as he was just 11 then and by now he might had made many new friends in India.That worried her the most.She wanted to reveal her identity ,but she couldnt.By now,Ashita was Rahuls good friend and they shared many things between them.
In Basil,Sridhars business was doing well,but he never knew that his partner Mr.Neeraj never wanted to continue partnership with him.Once and clearly he told him that they would not like to continue business with sridhar.This was rude ,but Neeraj was the president and he was the one who took the decision and Sridhar could only listen to him.Sridhar realized that Elite softwares performed well only because of MSD sofwares.He was worried and tensed so as to what to do in future.

By the mean time Ashu and Rahul became good friends ,although she knew him .. they were like new friends who knew each other recently.
Sridhar was unhappy with Neerajs decision and was disappointed.Now he decided to take a brave decision whose outcome could be so strange which could be the turning point in Ashu’s life.He decided to sell his company to MS Software which was America’s leading software giant.This itself suggest that Sridhar was very feeble and was a weak business man who was afraid of losing.He could have learned something from the Phoenix bird.Vimla was upset when her husband told this to her.She was afraid as her kids were just 9 year old and what would they do if they sell their comapny.This question worried her much and she couldnt do much as her husband was the decisionmaker.
What next? was the question which was supposed to be answered by Sridhar.

Friday,6th June was Anand and Ravi’s birthday and the family was upset to such an extent that even the parents forgot their kids birthday.Anand and Ravi eagerly waiting for their parents to wish them,but they didnt remembered.But they were confident that their dii would call them .

On the same day,Ashu and Rahul were completing their assignments and of sudden Ashu realized that it was 6th June and it was her brothers birthday.She loved both of them and she adored them very much.She called them to greet them and learned that they both were upset.She later on came to know that her uncle Sridhar was allset to sell his company to MS softwares.She was shocked for a while and asked both of them not to worry.

Rahul was with her.She soon called Sridhar and asked about everything.Sridhar told everything that happened as soon as Ashu left them and told that they would be coming to India.She was shocked,she asked him not to worry and she didnt wanted her uncle to take a feeble decision .He was upset and Ashu came to know this from his voice itself.He was talking as if everything was over.Ashu told him that she would be returning to Basil as soon as her exams gets over…”Am comin dad(uncle),am coming to Basil,dont worry !”.Rahul heard all this and was surprised to know that it was the same old friend Ashita.He asked for the reason why she was hiding her identity and “I am mad and i am an insane person” was Ashu’s reply .Rahul was anxious to know sridhars problem and later on they both decided to go to Basil,Switzerland.Rahul was keen to meet Sridhar.On their way to airport Rahul proposed Ashu and said that he loved her very much since childhood.

“Why did u suddenly left Basil when you were 11?”asked Ashu.
“My grand father had expired and there was no one to take care of our wealth in India which included a rubber factory and a shopping mall in Mumbai,dad was his only son ,so we had to go to India” said Rahul.
“Oh ,yeah that made you to forget ur best friend Ashu, isnt it?” asked she.
“I really loved you since when I was young and wanted to live a life with you.Am too sorry for whatever happened ,as of now I am back with you,so no worries.”said Rahul(smiles).
“You know how much I love you,my love has no bounds and I dont want to miss you ever!!”.replied Ashu.
They both hugged each other representing true love and friendship.She even said that they both were made for each other.

The next day ,they reached Basil.She reacher her home and was very happy to see her brothers and she hugged them.They loved her very much and this can be seen from the fact how they smiled and welcomed her diii.She sought blessings from Aunty Vimla and Sridhar.

“Finally ,beta you are back and who is this ?” he asked indicatingRahul.
“Yes,i am back dad ” Ashu replied and “this is Mr.Vishwanath’s son Rahul” she added.

“We missed you so much “said Sridhar
and later on he added that he never wanted to live just because Ashu was not with them.

Ashu was emotional as well…….

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