Story of Sathya

Ignorance is not bliss!

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“Time immemorial, we do things to please our kith and kin to spread the winds of happiness. I was no different. During my tenure at Logics Software, I worked hard to keep my family happy. I used to burn the midnight oil most of the days. Sooner, this ‘most’ got replaced by ‘every day’. That used to hurt my wife Anushka a lot. We were known to each other from our Engineering days. Life shows hopes only at times when you lose it. We had fought hard with our parents for our marriage. Finally we did marry each other after getting the consents from both the family. I used to gain her animosity at times when I came home late from office. Sometimes, it used to be around 3 am. She never used to utter a word. She would skip her dinner and wait for me late nights to dine with me. Such an innocent soul she was. I had ignored her feelings for some times or may be had taken her for granted. One day she left me all of a sudden and promised not to return back. She saw herself fading away from my life as I gave work my first priority. She felt that I was married to my work. All my attempts to explain her importance in my life turned futile. She was stubborn and I saw Anushka and my daughter Neharika leaving me all alone craving for love. Those were the days when melancholy struck me and I used to remain depressed most of the time. 
Story of Sathya
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One year later, I met her again after several futile attempts. I saw tears in her eyes for all those days without me she had hurt herself. She looked ashen and fragile. She kissed me and hugged me tight and promised to be together with me. I held my 2 year old daughter and kissed her. It was a happy day in my life as I had got Anushka and Neharika back. Anushka’s company is what I cherished since my college days. She was the apple of my eye and together with Neharika formed my world. I shared my dreams with her. I had a dream to own an IT company. I wanted Anushka and Neharika to support me to give life to my dream. I knew I was her first love and bygone days never come back. After contemplating for few days, I decided to quit my job at Logic’s Software. I had consulted Anushka before resigning as I shared all my important decisions with her. Starting an IT company was a herculean task. I along with few of my friends gave life to a brand new organisation – GlobusTech (GT). For this we borrowed some money from the State Bank of India. GT was a process driven, outsourcing IT company whose prime focus was to ideate, innovate and implement. I was assigned the role of the CEO of GT. Under my leadership, GT performed well in the first Quarters of the Fiscal year.  We targeted business mainly in South America   and Europe. It was a big challenge to break the boundaries and emerge as a successful venture. We were a fingerling trying to race and compete with Sharks. I gave my 100 % to GT. I used to narrate about our profits and share our market strategy with Anushka. Anushka would chip in with good constructive ideas and feedback. I turned busier as days passed. They say bygone days never repeats itself. 

But this time Anushka was mature enough to understand my roles and responsibilities at work as it was our own organisation. She assisted me in every possible way she could. Days passed and we won several deals from South America. We set up offices at major metropolitan cities in India. Our business grew stronger and I was accredited with the reason behind the rapid growth of GT. The same year I was awarded the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’ and it was followed by the ‘Innovative Leader’ award for the same year. Our company performed well in the upcoming quarters and won several accolades. I had turned too busy that I failed to realize that my daughter Neharika was growing too. I only met her during weekends although we lived together. Anushka used to take care of her but Neharika started missing my share of love in her life. I had been ignoring her lately. Tears rolled down my eyes when I discovered the Fathers day handmade greeting card on my drawers. I saw her card 3 weeks after Father Days was celebrated. I remember that morning when little Neharika came to my room and requested me to check my drawers. I wish I had paid attention to her request. I read her card.
Story of Sathya
Daddy dearest I love you
And I know you love me too
I want to sit on your lap
And in your arms take a nap
I wish to hear stories new
At night with mummy and you
With you I want to eat and play
And have fun all day
I cry and cry whole day,
When you have no time for me and go away
Please daddy come talk to me,
Let’s live like a happy family.
My daddy, my best daddy
I was disappointed with myself. It was then I realized that I should spend some time with her. I rushed to her room and saw my little angel who was sleeping.  I kissed her and that day we went out for a trip. I decided to spend quality time with her. I wanted to see her happy.  The next few weeks were busy. One of those days I skipped my lunch as well as my dinner. I had informed Anushka that I won’t be coming home. I stayed back at office. I felt slightly dizzy as I focused on the Presentation file. A throbbing pain en-gripped my chest and I felt a sinking sensation in my limbs. It seemed as if I was about to faint any moment. I was perspiring like anything and for a moment everything looked difficult for me. I quickly rushed and drank some water. I felt relaxed for a while. The next morning the same thoughts encircled my mind. Am I giving too much to GT and too less to my family? –  I asked myself. It was not the first time I was facing similar issues. Lately I couldn’t cope up with the stress at office. I used to get severe migraine attacks and get tired quickly. The imbalance in my lifestyle caused me several problems. No one knew all my problems except me. I had been ignoring all those symptoms for a while. I was turning into a hypochondriac and Anushka and Neharika appeared in front of my eyes every time those dreadful thoughts invaded my mind. During one such day, I collapsed at home in front of Anushka. I was quickly rushed to the hospital. It was a minor attack. During health inspection, it was discovered that I had been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. In addition I was also suffering from High Blood Pressure. When the doctors informed me about the symptoms, I realized that those symptoms were an integral part of my life. Why didn’t I realize that it was going to create problems in my life? I had many unanswered questions in my mind. Why did I ignore those warning signals that my body gave me? That night I couldn’t confront Anushka. She wept as I saw Neharika seated on her laps. I couldn’t control her tears but I assured that I would take care of myself. Years passed and GT was performing well. I followed a daily routine of fixed diets, regular exercises and proper medications.  Neharika was into her early twenties. She pursued her master’s from the Harvard’s University.  GT was now a multi billion dollars company.  I was turning old and I faced lots of other health issues associated with aging. I used to forget my keys and pens even though I had them in my suit pockets.  I used to skip my lunch thinking that I had already taken my lunch. One such day I was in pursuit of an important file; I couldn’t find it anywhere. Anushka got the file which I had kept in the refrigerator instead of my drawer. She detected unusual activity in my behaviour. Neharika had completed her masters and was back to India. She accompanied me and Anushka to the doctor’s clinic. After several CT scans and complex tests, the doctors came up with shocking news. They were befuddled with the way my brain responded to the tests.  The team of doctors believed it to be a severe case of Dementia, while some believed that it was a special case of Alzheimer’s diseases. Anushka and Neharika couldn’t believe their ears when the doctors informed them. The root cause was linked to stress. I could hardly remember anything. I started doing weird things and Neharika took control over the management of GlobusTech (GT). I stayed back at home as I found it difficult to concentrate. Anushka was my caretaker. She never made me feel isolated. 
Story of Sathya
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At this moment, I have nothing to lose. All that I have lost has caused me a lot.  I lost my happiness and peace.  I now, sit like a doll in one corner of a room. Neharika would talk to me every evening describing me about her daily activities. I tell you today that our life is a butterfly. Its wings represent the different entities of life like family, health, money, love etc. Each has its own importance. Even if one of its wings is clipped, then the butterfly would be like another crawling insect. Its entire beauty and essence lies in its wings. Ignorance is bliss? Yes – but not when it comes to health. Do not ignore health issues and the warning symptoms that your body gives you. Your family needs you more than your work. I toiled hard day and night to innovate and implement new creative ideas in my organization. I considered family and happiness as a matter too trivial and later landed up regretting. If I had realized the worth and importance of my family during my young days, then I would have focused less on work and would not have invited several health problems. I ignored the warning signs that my body gave me leading to severe health issues. You are rational enough to prioritize what comes first in life. Family always comes first in your life.   It’s they who stay by your side when you are in deep troubles. You are their life, their world.  You occupy a prime position in their life. Let not health issues shorten your life and cause troubles in your loved ones life. I had Anushka and Neharika for me to guide and support me. Always remember that Health is Wealth. Take Care of yourself – Some one other needs you more than you need yourself.  Lets happiness reside in your life forever and ever!”
“How’s it Papa?” Neharika asked me as she read the last few lines of the book that she was writing.
She was writing the autobiography of her Daddy dearest. Anushka was seated by my side when Neharika read all those lines. I gave her a confused look and smiled at her. I was still not able to recollect what she was reading.
I had a tooth brush and a tooth paste on my hand. “Colgate Total” – was written on the tooth paste.  Anushka helped me in brushing my teeth.  She looked straight into my eyes and I smiled at her.

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