Story of Sathya

The Fourth Seat 3

hose were the days of her life where Ashu enjoyed living.She cherished every moment of her life and wanted to be the same ,the rest of her life.Ashu adhored some one when she was in Basil ,he used to be her best friend .But unfortunately he left her when she was just 10 years old.Ashu still used to think of him.He was the one who impressed her till she was in class 5th and she used to share all her problems with him and he used to come up with a solution next time.After her parents ,he was the one whom Ashu loved.Although Ashu’s parents werent alive ,but this boy had made her life.She had great regards for him and wanted to live with him for the rest of her life….At that time she was just 10 years old …but she still remembers those days of her friendship with him.
Now,Ashu was famous and imagine every one knows her .Ashita became popular in her college so as so that they even decided to nominate her for the general secretary post in her college.Her success story continued and she scored even more marks in 3rd and 4th semester and years passed by and she reached her 6th semester ….By now Ashu had been the general secretary of MBS for more than a year and she really worked hard.During this span of one year,she called her uncle sridhar and aunt vimla sridhar in between,and used to talk to them without any problem, not just like she used to do when she was in Basil.She never knew about their condition in recent years and assumed that they were living happily.Sridhar never wanted to reveal their condition to Ashu ,no matter whatever be as he always wanted Ashu to be happy.Sridhar’s health status was good and improving day by day and he was overjoyed by the way his company performed .He was depressed for a while as his company did not perform well and that itself was responsible for his illness.But later on Elite Software ltd worked in coalition with MSD softwares and finally performed well.Thanks to Mr.Neeraj ,who was the president of MSD softwares and a very close friend of Sridhar who accepted his proposal.After that it was a different scenario.

Ashu was now in 3rd year and it was an important part in her life as she was preparing herself for campus recruitments and moreover she wanted to make a career in India and not Basil.So for this she was supposed to work hard.She attended the campus interview conducted in her college and she was amazed that she cleared her aptitude tests at first and later on got selected in Insciences software ltd.Infact Ashu and another boy from her college were selected and Ashu never knew that he would be her Mr.Right.She was very happy that she got selected in one of India’s famous software company and remembered her mom at that time.
She said to herself thinking of her mom…”Hey,maa see your little Ashu has made you proud once again…see how happy i am ,mom?My happiness has no bounds mom,no limits …. thanks mom ..I lov you momma!!”
The very next day she was writing her OS assignments and suddenly she heard a voice which addressed her…..”Ashu,is that your name?do you remember me?” …”Oh yeah I do remember,you were the one who got seleted in Insciences along with me ,right? said Ashu .He intoduced himself as Rahul and told about himself.Ashita introduced herslef as a middle class girl from Bangalore who studies in MBS just because of the scholarship provided by Karnataka govt.But,Ashu alone knows the truth.They both get into a casual chat.The name”Rahul” was special to her as it was her best friends name who left her when she was just 10.He told that he came to India when he was 11 years old.Ashu was keen to know more about him. Rahul told that he used to live in Switzerland.With this ,Ashu got excited and she asked “Where in Switzerland?”as even she had spent most of her life in Basil.Rahul replied that he lived in Basil .Ashu was amazed for a while and later on he added that his dad Mr.Vishwanath and Sridhar,one of the very popular business man in UK were friends.Ashu was really shocked as this was the person who left her when she was just 10 years old.Ashu was confident that he was her friend who was close to her during her childhood.She was very happy for a while.She stared and glared at him continously …as she had found her friend whom she missed at a very young age.She came to Mumbai not just to see her home town ,but also to find her friend Rahul.She was very happy as she knew that she was talking to her friend Rahul,whom she adhored much,but she was pretty upset as she wont be able to reveal her real identity to him as evry one in Mumbai knew her as a person from Bangalore.Revealing her real identity may cause unnecessary problem and she was well aware of it………

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