Story of Sathya

The Fourth Seat 2

ow Ashu was busy studying for her exams,she worked hard day and night as she wanted to prove herself just as she scored merit score in 12th grade in Basil.On the other hand,Sridhars health status was worser than before and company performed very badly .They were unable to pay the interests within the stipulated time.
Even Ashu was a normal child till class 3 (8 yrs old),but Mr.Sridhars personal diary revealed all her secrets to her.Till 8 years old Ashu was very happy, living her life with her family.Mr.Sridhar and Mrs.Vimla Sridhar were her mom and dad,but unfortunately she had never even dreamt in her life that she was an orphan,and Mr.Sridhar was her caretaker.After that she developed a strange habit sort of thing which had deeply affected her.She seldom spoke to any one in her family and she hardly made any friends.She had a best friend till she was 10 years old,but to her vain even he had left Basil by that time.
Ashu worked day and night and finally tasted the fruits of success.She passed her semester exams with distiction scoring 74.5% marks.She was very happy and remembered her mom and dad at that very time.She imagined how happy her mom would be ,if she was alive?.but unfortunately she wasnt?.Mr.Sridhar was improving day by day and so was his business.Elite software ltd which was a leading software company in Uk had failed to perform well but was showing signs of improvement .
Mumbai University organised an intercollege seminar where talented students from all colleges were invited to participate in it .Gyanpeet seminar was very popular and it naturally gave students opportunity to explore themselves.For the past 6 years ,MBS students didnt perform well and it had been a big disappointment to all the staffs.They wanted a fresher to represent the college at Gyanpeet seminar.Students were told about this and it was a shocking fact that every one suggested Ashita’s name for the event.Ashu was shocked for a while,she never expected this and at first she refused it.Ashu knew that her friends were responsible for all this.Mrs.Melba ,her science teacher spoke to her and then after few days she agreed to participate.She was thinking of a topic and suddenly she decided to talk about life in Mumbai.On Friday morning at 10am ,every one assembled in the seminar hall of Mumbai University where one of the biggest talent show was supposed to start.Every student did their level best and even Ashu tried her level best.Ashu spoke about the difficulties people have to face in mumbai and despite of such a difficult life ,they live peacefully.It reminded her of her life in Basil which wast all that she spoke at the seminar hall.Her performance was good and impressive.The judges declared Ashita as the winner and it made all MBS’ians happy as this was the first time the college had seen a winner in this competition.This girl made evry one happy ,now every one in college knew Ashu almost everyone.
MBS college had seldom produced any winners in any major event and Ashu had created history for them.She made everyone proud .Imagine a girl who was no where in Basil,now marks her footprint in Bombay by winning an award.MBS college of Technology decided to arrange a felicitation ceremony for this pretty girl for her remarkable performance in the Gyanpeet seminar held by MU.The principal thanked her for making Mbs’ian proud and wished her to continue the same in all fields.When Ashu came to speak she emotional for a while ,she said that she really missed her parents at this time and she literally started crying.
She thanked Anu,Priya,Priyanka,Suni and neha who suggested her name for the event as she was gratefu to them as if they dint suggested their name then she wouldnt have won the event.
She said to herself thinking
of her mother”Mom , i really miss u mom , i lov u …where are you mom.. ur little baby Ashu is waiting for u!!! mom please share this award with me mom….. I have made my friends and college proud …where r u mom and paaa …I really miss u mom ….I love u !!”

No one knows Ashu is deprived of motherly love..she was amongst the unluckiest creatures of earth who had not got the privelege of being with parents…..there came a tear in her eyes which clearly exhibited all the feelings in her mind …everything she felt …..what was running through her mind that even made her forget her brothers whom she loved much…

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