Story of Sathya

From Canada to India

Muthu had three brothers of which he was the youngest one .His elder brother was very popular in the village where they lived .Muthu had 4 childrens of which the first one was a boy and remaining 3 were girls.Velu and satya were Muthu’s elder brothers.Muthu’s family was rich enough to employ 50 people in their factory.During those days, Colombo was a very important commercial centre and basically Muthu and his family members were Indians ,but they lived in Srilanka.Muthu’s brother velu was very much interested in growing up his own business and inspite of owning a big mill in colombo ,he decided to start a new business.During those time tamilians from srilanka were told to go out of srilanka and muthus and his family had to flow back to their hometown in India.Velu was not interested in getting back to his motherland.They all were born and brought up in Srilanka and leaving lanka was like leaving their own mother .Velu for once decided that he wanted to live in srilanka and wont go to India just for the sake of living .Few days later Muthu and Satya left velu and they went to India with the help of a boat.
Few years later in the mid 60’s ,muthu and satya developed their own business and became rich and even they became popular in the town in which they lived.Muthu respected his brother very much and considered him as his father as satya was the one who took care of two brothers since when his parents died when muhtu was just 6 years old.By the mean time velu became more rich .It was known from the fact that his 2 sons studied in a convent school in srilanka which could not be afforded by a common man.Srilanka is the place where there used to be conflicts between the tamil speaking communities and the srilankans.The Srilankan army used to attack the regions where the tamilians lived.Velu and his son lived in a popular place called radhapooram in srilanka which was the prime location where most of the tamilians lived .It was friday and at 9 pm ,the srilankan army carried out a major attack on radhapooram.This tragedy costed many lives of which velu was amongst the people who died.Muthu and satya never knew this and they led a succesful life in tamil nadu along with their family members .They came to know about this incident few years later ( in 1973) and they both rushed to see velu ,but to vain there was no one in velus house and it was locked.Their farms were totally destroyed and they searched for them at many places,but could not find them.They were unaware of the fact that velu died and later on assumed that they all died in the attack carried out by the srilankans.Quietly they returned back to India.
Years passed by ,Muthu and Satya grew old and their childrens got married . Satya died due to stroke in 1985.Now muthu was all alone with his wife as his childrens settled in Mumbai along with their childrens.Muthu’s 2nd daughter was with him in his hometown.Even muthus children didnt knew about their uncles family and to muthu’s grandchildren it was like a bed time story.On march 1997 ,Muthu died due to heart attack and muthu’s wife came to live with her son who was a very popular business man in mumbai.Selvan was Muthu’s only son and it was his responsibilty to take care of his 3 sister and he fulfilled his responsibilty.Selvans sister lead a very prosperous life and each of them had 2 childrens.Their led a very happy life until selvans mother(muthu’s wife )told evrything about velu and his sons.She believed that they would be alive and one day they would return back to their home town just to see their relatives.
The turning point of the story was when Velu’s son “kumar” visited tamil nadu in search of their relatives.He came to India and searched each and evrytown of tamilnadu in search of his cousins.Finally after 16 days he spotted selvans 2nd sister who lived in village.She was amazed to see kumar along with his family.Kumar had two sons called anoj and dinesh who just resembled their grandfather Velu.The sister called Selvan and told all thing about kumar and his family.Selvam rushed to tamil nadu and asked kumar about the things that happened to him and his brother .Kumar told that he and his brother vijay were not present in srilanka when the incident occured as a result of which they lost their parents.They didnt knew anyone in srilanka and off sudden few people running missionaries in canada visited them and were eager to take kumar and vijay along with them.Like this they settled in ontario,canada.
Selvan was happy to know this and invited him to his house in mumbai ,but kumar refused as had to leave for canada,the next day and promised to visit mumbai next year .Selvan noted kumar’s phone number and his email id.Months later they used to chat through yahoo messenger.Selvans other sisters were happy and they were interested to meet kumar as well.
Things never happen as u expect.One would never expect one to trace back his past and return to his homeland to visit his cousins and relatives.My eyes startd watering when I heard this thing from my friend.Its his real story,where he was none other than selvans younger sisters son.I was really proud of his family ………it was how they expressed their love from canada by visiting their cousins in India.It was seen that selvan had invited kumar for his elder daughters marriage .

(This is a real story and the characters name have been changed appropriately.The character velu,muthu,satya,selvan,kumar,vijay are names used for just as for the purpose of writing this story .They are not related with the actual people )

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