Story of Sathya

A woman’s body is a temple

Ab initio, faith has played a prominent role in human lives.  I am stunned to come across a multitude of religions across the several countries of the world. My job lets me trek the globe in pursuit of fascinating things for my fabulous viewers like you. I am Dick Johnson, Numero Uno travel and award-winning video producer of the Discovery Travel channel. After traversing the breadth and the length of Brazil, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Mexico, I am here to expose my global audience to the Indian culture. After the success of the season 1 of my TV show ‘Being Dick!’ I am here to shoot the essence of India. 
Throughout my stay in India, I shall present you with the various things that constitute India. Together we are going to witness awesomeness! Right now I am traveling to the Vaishno Devi Mata temple which is a Holy Shrine in India and a popular pilgrimage. Vaishno Devi Mata is considered to be the mother who fulfills the wishes of all her children and this child from San Fransico, USA is going to bow to the mother to see my dreams come true.  The holy cave of the mother is located at an altitude of 5000 ft from the base camp and I have already walked 6 km and 6 more to go to see the mother.  There is one thing I love about Indians and it is their love for their faith. Here people of all religions live together in unity and Indian men respect women and women are treated and respected as a Goddess here! Isn’t that incredible about this country. As I walk, I see thousand men and women walking along with me. This is so exciting and new to me. India indeed is incredible! As I walk, I see young children selling flowers for the mata darshan. 
Millions of people visit the Vaishno Devi  Shrine every year making it the most popular shrine in the world.  I witness several Indian fans of mine trying to befriend me throughout this journey. I have never considered myself a friendly person but today seeing the amount of love being showered upon me, I have started to believe that love is a universal emotion. Finally, after 2 hours, I near the mata. This is so new to me! I can’t believe I am doing this in India though I longed to do this! 
As a part of my visit here, I shall be interviewing random people and converse with them about their country and what all changes they want to see in their country.  Vaishno Devi mother is surely going to bless my show making it successfully once again, I thought! As I walked inside, I witnessed the sight of a young man of around 30 witnessing the darshan. He joined both his hand and closed his eyes.  He must be having a big dream for sure, I realized! He opened his eyes and looked at the goddess mother.  He smiled at her. It was an amazing sight to see. I captured all these moments in my camera.  I’ve never seen such respect for a religious deity ever in my existence of 54 years.  I started to have a good impression of him. A man who can love the Vaishno Devi Mata will surely respect other women! Bravo, let’s catch the guy! I and my crew quickly follow him from behind.
He finally gets to meet his friends who patiently wait for him outside. Must be an awesome group of friends I reckoned. My eyes were fixated on him. I was mighty impressed by this person. This is the man who can give my show a flying start to the season 2.  As I and my crew step closer, I saw these group of friends leering and ogling at the foreign female tourists. They were passing lewd comments at her.  The man whom I admired moments ago was the captain of this gang. 
“Bruh, look at her boobs.. so big!” he said to his group of friends and continued, “I wish I could bang her tonight… how awesome it would be no!”  I stood there stunned as I listened to the words he spoke. I was disappointed at the fact that my own eyes and my mind had deceived me. 
My entire perspective and perception of Indian men were defeated in a single second. I was visibly disappointed and decided to cancel the shoot. That was the worst day of my life! 
Story of Sathya
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