Story of Sathya

Sharma ji ki Beti -1

Maa was busy engrossed in the kitchen as Bunty entered the house. He was visibly nervous.  His semester exam scores were revealed. Standing near the window, he peeped inside his own house like a thief eying precious items.
He meticulously entered the house taking one baby step at a time. 
“What happened, Bunty?” a hoarse voice spoke. 
“Nothing Papa,” Bunty murmured. 
Papa asked Bunty to sit next to him as he switched on the TV.
“So how are the studies , Bunty?” he asked, curiously.
Bunty looked around for his Maa. His mother was his guardian angel who always rescued him from getting beaten from his Papa.
“Did you get your results?” He cleared his throat and asked,” What happened? Why are you so silent?”
“Aap bhi Ji, Bachha hai wo,” Maa entered the scene and offered Bunty a glass of Tea with rusk. “Don’t scold him,” Maa said, ruffling  his hair. 
“Papa…” Bunty opened his mouth.
“Yes, Bunty.”
“Teacher distributed the mark sheet.” 
“So , did you Pass?” Papa asked him, slowly brushing his moustache with his fingers.
Bunty slowly stood up and hid behind his Maa.
“Come here, I won’t do anything to you,” Papa said. Bunty and his Maa looked at each other , perplexed. Bunty knew that going to his Papa was  equivalent to scuba diving inside a river full of crocodiles. He any how had to get beaten but this time Papa smiled and invited him. “Was this killing with a smile?” he asked himself.

Eventually after contemplating for a while, Bunty obeyed his father’s word and went close to him.
“Papa, I failed,” Bunty said,worriedly.


Bunty tumbled down and it took him some time to recover.
“Besharam,” Papa screamed at the top of his voice.
“Achha , tell me one thing?” he asked.
“What Papa?” asked Bunty.
“Sharma Ji ki Beti ko Kitne marks mile?”
 Bunty hid his face in shame and said , “Woh to Pass ho gayi Papa..”
He just added more salt to his own wound.

…. To Be Continued..

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