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Different Workspace environments to nurture Creativity

Creativity is a spontaneous activity. Not everyone is creative or to frame in a better term, let’s say that not everyone is creatively blessed. Sometimes there are different factors that invoke the creative being within us. And sometimes it is the environment that  exposes the creative part of us. There are various professions that demand their employees be creative. For instance editors and journalists who write editorials and innovate articles need to be creative and you need to focus and concentrate on the work. Writers, Scriptwriters, media personnel, Designers need to work in an environment  that needs to be calm  that can invoke your creative cells so that they can concentrate and focus more on their work. Sometimes our educational qualifications do not ensure that we go and do things by  going extra miles.  And a study reveals that the environment where we work directly affects our productivity.

So there is a need to design our work environment with utmost care and concern.  Gone are the days of the traditional workspace with a single chair and a workstation with a boring color pattern.  A work environment where a babble of voices constantly haunts us from behind coupled with dirt and  lack of comfort is a perfect No-No. 

本の部屋 : Modern study/office by FURUKAWA DESIGN OFFICE

For an environment to foster creativity, you need to be in your comfort zone.  Unless and until one is in their comfort zone, our mind will not be bombarded with too many ideas. Ideas do not strike our mind every time. And aforementioned, ideas  will stroll through your mind only when you  work in an ambiance  where you are comfortable.  The other factors include the nature of the work area and the type of the job. Designers and Creative professionals  need to work in an area that is rich and colorful. For one not to be creativity-challenged, one should ensure that the workspace that they work in is suitable to their need.

Minimalist study/office by Luiza Sadowska

Creative Professionals should be constantly motivated. A study had revealed that a room with light colors such as Yellow or sky Blue can induce effects on the minds of the individual. We need to develop a zone where we can work with complete freedom.  Small businesses are focusing  more on developing creative space designs so that their employees can be comfortable.

Workspaces should be colorful and well lit. It should be spacious and not cluttered. Some potted small plants should be installed near our desk to add freshness.  The environment should be cool and it should be adjustable by thermostats because warm temperature decreases productivity. Workspaces should be equipped with activity areas. Creative artifacts such as lamps and desks especially the fancy ones like the car bonnet types  so that the employees are motivated and energetic. Interesting and engaging work environments leads to no boredom and leads to productivity.

Beds & headboards by MUEBLES DUERO
Bookshelves, Dashboards etc could be placed near the workstation.  There are million decorative ideas that could be implemented, but it all depends on the mood of the environment created.

CASA RR8 : Modern study/office by Grupo Arsciniest
CASA RR8 by Christian López

There is a need for developing a creative environment at workplaces. Hence, organizations should start working on providing a suitable environment for their employees in order to increase their productivity as well as to obtain good Esat!

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