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Real Togetherness – Let’s Simplify Life!

Real Togetherness
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Gone are the days when we used to sit together and discuss how life brought in some amazing changes. The participants used to be our children, parents, or our close friends. I admit that those days used to be the best days of our life when gadgets and internet were still in the process of construction. But after the advancement of technology it seems like we all have turned slave to the fiend called technology. Smartphones, The internet, Electronic Gadgets have made life miserable leading to many lifestyle diseases that have vowed to shorten our lifespan. 

In this process, we somehow have forgotten to realize that we have a life outside our virtual world. Life isn’t about writing on each others wall on Facebook, Tweeting on our profiles, Pinging on chat messengers, Checking in at specific locations online or Posting our Selfies and amazing photographs on various photo sharing apps. By doing this, we may acquire the status of a mini internet celebrity but what are we getting by doing that is the big question? Put aside the tech savvy  within you  and return back to the period  before technology came into our lives. Why not take some time and make some meaningful discussions with our family and friends.  We could talk our loved ones at the mall or a shopping complex for shopping instead of clicking random buttons on an app to get our products delivered on our door. Let’s simplify life! 

Uncomplicating life is the need of the hour. I have come across parents who don’t have time to give quality time  to their children. We should give moments and memories to our loved ones. Through technology, we are distancing ourselves from them.  It’s time to break down the shackles of the Digital world and  connect with each other in person. Plan a trip outside for a day or two. Enjoy Quality time with your family and friends. Reminisce the good old days with your friends. Narrate your childhood tales with your children. Let them know that your life was amazing as theirs! Always remember that it’s the little things in life that make life beautiful. Stress and Lifestyle diseases will eventually haunt you some day if you run behind things that only give you momentary happiness. By this, I imply the money minded nature of us! Set priorities in life and spend time with family and friends. Go and discover the real togetherness by spending time with them. Take them for trekking and spend time with nature and unleash the lost love! Rekindle the true happiness of your life. Life is short and moreover it’s precious. You can’t just afford to mess up with it. Remember True happiness lies in Real Togetherness and it can be acquired by spending time with our loved ones and Nature can help us in some or the other way.  It’s high time to build a meaningful bond with our kith and kin in the real world. 
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