Story of Sathya

Vastu Shastra Tips to Make Your Home a Better Place

Story of Sathya

You could be travelling the world, seeing places, living the most exotic life. You might be out all day and all evening. But in the end, all you will be doing is returning home. All of us refer to our living place as home sweet home. But how many of us feel the way we call it? Home can be a direct reflection of the kind of person you are, the way you live and the way you connect with other individuals. It is very important for you to have a home that is surrounded by positive energy and has the powers to eliminate all the negative vibes away from it and in turn, away from your life. In short, the proceedings of your life heavily depend on the décor, design and the way you maintain your home. This is where Vastu Shastra becomes an integral part of setting up your home. While some people think it is just eye wash, a lot of people think that vastu is the dwelling or home of gods and humans.
Vastu originates from the energies that circulate around the home such as the solar energy from the sun, lunar energy, cosmetic energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy and thermal energy. If the house and its furniture and other décor objects are placed in alignment to these energies, the house can be an abode of happiness, peace and tranquility. Rajat Nayar, popular Vastu Consultant India, states that there is a bit of science, technology and a touch of experience to achieve spot on Vastu Shastra.
Home is where the heart is. Wouldn’t you want your heart to be at a place that is positive and healthy? In order to achieve this, you can take up Vastu Shastra to make it certain that your home will have no negative energy around it. Here are a few tips on how to make simple Vastu changes to your home to achieve the ultimate happy home:

1.       Always have a nameplate outside the house: This marks the ownership of the house to you and it welcomes new opportunities and new beginnings your way.

2.       Use lamps and diyas: Light from lamps and diyas are known to cleanse the home and avoid any kind of negative energy into the house.

3.       Kitchen placement: The kitchen should always be in the south-east corner of the house. If not, north-west can also be considered as an option. Irrespective of the placement of the kitchen, the placement of the stove should always be towards the south-east direction.

4.       Avoid keeping medicines in the kitchen: Keeping the medicines away from the kitchen means that you are healthy and happy whereas medicines in the kitchen can mean totally opposite, that is you are prone to being sick and unhappy.

5.       Put up some wind chimes: The noise generated can totally shoo off the negative energy in and around the house.

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