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Short story writing tips

If you have the ‘best-seller’ short story, write it down and let the world read it.
Oh wait! You have tried it and expressing it in words is not easy. In fact, on paper it is too much to ask for, isn’t it?
So, here are some tips that will help you start writing.
Catchy first paragraph
A good short story should grip the readers from the start to the very end. Well, your story’s ending is classic, but what about the start?
Here is a secret – readers will read your story’s first paragraph, and if it is not good enough to keep them going on, the ending will be unread, forever.
So, work on it and be sure that you write a catchy first paragraph. If needed, rewrite it hundred times.
Point of view matters
The first person and third person battle in your mind and on paper will continue forever. In some cases, even the second person point of view can pop in your mind and occupy some space for days, months and even years.
Clear this section. Finalize a point of view and build on it.
Dialogues matter
Some of us think that short stories should have no dialogues. In extreme cases, a couple of dialogues will be fine. However, this is a misconception that is ringing in the minds of newbie writers.

Short stories are dependent on dialogues. In exceptional cases, you will find a short story that is successful sans dialogues.
In other cases, your dialogues will help you stay on track.
Talking about dialogues, one should not think that random dialogues will be accepted. Meaningful dialogues are the need of the hour. If you can deliver, people will accept it. If not, look for an alternate career or be ready to pay ghostwriters to beautify your short story. In the second case, your cost will be extremely high.
Be patient
If you have completed your short story, keep it aside for a couple of days or weeks. Forget about it. After this gap, read your short story. If you like it, look for a critique who can give his/her views on your short story. If not, rewrite it.
Remember, writing a short story is easy. Making it worth reading is difficult. So, keep calm and revise your short story.
Read short stories and novels
Without reading, you cannot write a short story.
So, start reading.
Here, you will find many short stories. Read them and get inspired.
If you have a list of favorite authors, you should buy some books and read them. Look for matching coupons at Chameleonjohn. It will help.
Feel your story
If you are too casual about your character, your readers will not care about your story. So, get involved in the scene and feel what your character should feel. This will help you improve your story.
So, think about it and feel your story.
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