Story of Sathya

Life circles round the basics!

Written By Priya Joyce.
Life circles round the basics!!

Life revolves around the basics by Priya Joyce

During the lunch break, Sudha was taking a nap in the classroom.
She suddenly heard some sound.
But she pretended to be asleep
Anyway, she could not believe what had happened.
She had seen Atul..stealing Cynthia’s new video game.
Atul was her twin brother.
Later on, when the class began again..Cynthia complained of her loss.
When the whole class was one said anything.
Then up….”Sir. It will be in my brother Atul’s bag..i saw him stealing it”.
She spoke the truth…
That’s it….basic things of life are quite simple and straightforward…..
Sadly..many fail to recognize it…
Covering up…..the crude what is done…
No big words.
Just simple LOVE..and Truth…..can bring. peace in this Chaos.

Note – This was a guest post written by my blogger friend Priyadarshini Joyce in 2009. It was a part of the guest post series on my blog but unfortunately, I never had an opportunity to post most of those guest posts on my blog. Today while searching for something I accidentally chance upon this lying on the drafts section of my blog. So thought of posting it here.
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