Story of Sathya
Story of Sathya

My dear friends – what strikes your mind first when I say the word ‘Review’ ? Review is  something that is more close to Google. Most people visit google to get product reviews. Well , the concept is like this – when you plan to shell out your hard earned money then you obviously would vouch for the best product. Would any one  opt for a faulty product. There should  be a good VFM – Value for Money! At the end of the day every one wants the best for all the money that they spend.

Recently   me and few of my friends worked on this idea and the concept was amazing. We decided to give life to our idea and we came up with something called as R for Review – written as R4Review. We decided to provide  good platform to provide reviews for various products with the help of our team. If you are planning to buy a good smart phone, what is that you do ? You would obviously google out for some gadget review sites that reviews various gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, tabs etc. Well that is what review is in today’s electronic world. Gone are the days when you go out  to the stores and review the gadgets you are looking for! Well some people even do that now. But when you get a virtual hands on experience through various YouTube channels and websites, then you would get a clear image of the product. 

Well friends, the concepts of review in IT world refers to the ability of having a second check. What if you send a document to the client without checking it or without consulting it with a peer. Well that might be disastrous if the client gets angry. So there is something called as Review there that refers to the ability of the Analyst to double check his artifacts before it goes forward. Similarly human should also adopt this concept of review. They could review their actions and interactions and improve it for their own good. Of course at the end of the day , everyone wants to be a better person! 🙂 Agree?

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