Story of Sathya

Together we can!

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It was a fine sunny day in the month of April. They say family is something that would stay together forever. I had lived away from my family for a subsequent period of time. I had been excluded from all the happy and the fun times that my family spend together during my home away days. But sadly it was my family that missed me more! Every time there was a family function my parents would call me. It was also during my home away days that my younger sibling once called me to inform me the news about the arrival of a new born boy in our family! Life had been difficult during those days. It was like starting from scratch in a new city. Relocating in a new city is a tedious job especially when you are planning for a long time stay.  But finally I was returning back home after 4 long years. It was a new learning experience for me, staying away from the family!

Story of Sathya
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Returning back to Mumbai especially after living in Delhi was a fresh experience. It rekindled the old affairs with the city once again and I was living every bit of it! I reached Mumbai airport sharp at 4 PM and I felt good about it! I got down from the Auto rickshaw that drove me till my gate and walked upstairs.  It was a nostalgic experience!  I rang the door bell and to my surprise my little niece opened the door. She had grown big. The last time I saw her, she was a little baby! I was surprised. I smiled at her and entered my house. To my surprise, I saw all my cousins waiting for me. My grandmother was present too! It was a mini getogether. I loved every bit of it. I sought blessings from my grand mum. I missed her badly    all these years. I came back and this time I was to stay for a long time.  Great things happen when great souls meet. Yes, people do say that! There have been many creative and intelligent souls in my family.  This time I was not going back. A new job in the new city was something I was craving since long time and I had been working hard for it so that I could be with my family. I wanted to make up for what I had missed all these years.

It’s said that whenever you are together with your family, there is a ray of hope, a hope that defines optimism and positivity. Even if you are broken and shattered, it’s these souls who motivate and encourage you.  Even if you are submerged in deep sorrow and melancholy, they are the ones who show you what happiness means. At that time, they just want you to think positive and remain cool. Isn’t that amazing? They provide a motivation to move forward in life! They show a progressive approach and all that we need to do is stay in the cloud of optimism! True, your family only cares about your happiness. Would they like to see you fall? Even if you fall, they are the ones who help you to rise! You rise from the ashes just like the Phoenix bird and you would touch the sky! Such is the power of family! They are the guiding stars who only want progress and successes shield your life!  Of course, that was the most memorable day in my life when I returned back to Mumbai from Delhi.  And that day I realized that my family has always been there for me and it gave me the strength and the motivation that I needed to go on with optimism! Yes, Together we can! We are  together in this journey! #Together

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