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Nashta with Guptaji’s family!

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I know of a family! They are hard core foodies who love experimenting with their food. Yes, you guessed it right. They are the Gupta’s. The Gupta Family’s love for food could be known from the fact that they have different kind of nashta’s for every occasion. Of course, they love to celebrate every event! To name few – Lol wala nashta, date wala nashta, chugli wala nashta and so on!

Mrs. Shalu Gupta is known to make delicious breakfast using Kellogg’s. She is the master chef of  the Gupta family. She loves experimenting with the new Kellogg’s. Once it happened that the Mr. Gupta and his children  Rohan  and  Ritika  Gupta were fighting over a remote as each of them wanted to watch their favorite shows. Mr. Gupta wanted to watch Cricket while his son Rohan wanted to see some cartoon show and his daughter Ritika wanted to watch her favorite TV show.  Of course, wouldn’t that be an apocalypse.  Mrs. Gupta decided to prepare a new dish that would distract the others so that she could watch her favourite TV show. Shalu Gupta  quickly mixed Kellogg’s cornflakes , Almonds, Cream,chocolate and milk in a blender and prepared a delicious milkshake. This surely attracted the other Gupta’s taste buds. Mrs. Gupta offered them their milkshake and grabbed the remote from them. She called it as ‘Remote wala Nashta’

And in one  occasion, when the man of the house Mr. Gupta was bitching about a class mate of his with his other friend, then Mrs. Gupta thought of doing something to shut their mouth. She prepared the Chugli wali Nashta where she cooked some chana’s , tomatoes,  finely chopped onions and mixed it with the Kellogg’s cornflakes and served it to Mr. Gupta and his friend. They both start praising their friend instead of speaking Chugli about him. The Chugli wala nashta worked perfectly!

And then she invented a ‘Line Pe Lane wala Nashta’ which is a cheesy cornflakes recipe. When love is in the air, they eat the delicious date wala nashta. And at times when Ritika and her Papa have war of words, then it’s her Mother Shalu who comes as a pacifier with her innovative breakfasts. And this time she prepared a Choco Cornflakes muffin. And she calls it as a Lol wala Nashta filled with the goodness of chocolate.  And to spread smiles everywhere, they have a smile wala nashta.

Some say that early morning breakfasts should be healthy and one should eat food like a king at morning. This is because breakfast provides fuel to your day’s activity. It initiates the energy flow to your body as your day goes on!  A healthy breakfast gives a solid start to your day.  So it would be awesome if we get to taste different breakfasts every day. And look at the Gupta family. They are people who have a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy breakfasts every morning. So tell me one thing, when the Gupta’s are so much talented when it comes to preparing delicious breakfasts, who wouldn’t go to their place for a Nashta? I have always been a great fan of Kellogg’s cornflakes  and I feel that it truly identifies a person’s calories and energy needs. If perfectly coupled with other food items, then you can create a wonderful recipe just  like Mrs. Gupta.  This is the main reason why I would love to visit the Gupta’s and eat delicious  nashta’s cooked by the queen of the Gupta family!

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